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The best game I've ever been to in person


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mbrizzle (7/19/2008)
I was at Auburn when Michael Johnson caught the TD down in the corner. That was pretty crazy.

I was too-that one was unbelievable, especially w/ what was on the line...but I have a tie between the 00 TN game and 04 FL game.  The 00 TN game was special because the goal posts came down and had an outrageous time downtown (not to mention I could finally give it back to the friends/fam that had been giving it to me for years) and the 04 FL game because it was the first time I'd seen us beat those clowns in person (sadly enough).

Honorable mentions: the 00 Outback Bowl's comeback w/ Purdue, the 06 Chick-Fil-A Bowl comeback w/ VA Tech, and the 07 Auburn game-the stadium's atmosphere entering the 4th qtr is about the best I've ever seen in Athens.  I was fortunate enough to see all of these-although I'm still jealous I didn't go w/ my inlaws to the 01 Knoxville game comeback-had a ticket and the hookup outside the stadium w/ some old high school buddies; however, I had a family member in the hospital, so I'm off the hook there.

Funny-I wasn't a Dawg until 1990.  Don't really have many good memories til the Richt era started.  No thanks to Ray Goof's horrid stretch from 89 til "too long"-who became no joke as a businessman: he supposedly got Richie Rich rich investing in the Zaxby's franchise.  Things started to turn around during the Donnan years-but he got canned and came out quite well as an ESPN analyst.

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I would say the 07 USF/Auburn game in Auburn. I go to USF and made the trip up to Auburn from Tampa with a good friend of mine. Nobody expected USF to come in and upset #17 Auburn, in such a huge college atmosphere I had never experienced. USF missed plenty of field goal opportunities to win the game outright but Alvarado continued to choke until he made a short field goal to send it into OT. Seeing USF games at Ray Jay was not the same because they didn't start filling in the seats til after the upset over #5 West Virginia.

Than there was the sellout at Ray Jay vs West Virginia that really made USF's season so special. Nobody thought Steve Slaton and Pat White could be stopped but USF's defense held them in check, even injuring them to get them out of the game. That game is a close second to the above mentioned Auburn game.

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