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Dawg Night. A nice selection of talent. Some bigtime targets.


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UGA had some bigtime targets at their camp tonight. A few 2009 targets and a bunch of 2010/11 targets. A few offers went out during camp and a few more went out after the camp.

Here are my comments from what I have read from other sources and then i will post two articles:

UGA had over 100 recruits at the camp. Rontavious Wooten was amazing. He has the speed and the talent that UGA wants badly at the WR position. They also worked with jamar reid at the WR position. I love his video. He has a miami offer and they lead right now and if he didn't get an offer I would be stunned form what I read about his performance. If UGA could get reid and wootne they would call it a day at WR. Brenden Smith was there. He was getting a whole lotta love from UGA. I really believe UGA gets him in the end, but lsu and auburn is working him hard. *** A side note 4th rated TE fontaine really really really likes uga. His mom and him are making a 2nd visit very soon.

The 2010 talent was very nice. 2 of the trio from byrnes was there in corey miller and willis. Willis got his offer and it's believed corey miller got his offer after the camp. Bostic was also offered. A 2010 clemson commit who isn't a solid verbal visited uga and has a high interest in Georgia. His name is Martavis Bryant..

Okay here is one article:

There were plenty of big names at the camp tonight: Zach Mettenberger, Branden Smith, Dallas Lee, Mike Gillard and Abry Jones& just to name a few. But it was Rontavious Wooten s night.


Rontavious Wooten could not be stopped. I think the one guy at that camp would could have stopped him was on the sideline. I would have loved to see just what Branden Smith and Wooten would have looked like on the field because there was just no one in Wooten s category when I came to covering him. A powerful form of quickness is what he has, and what I mean by that is a snappieness to movements. He s not a smooth guy necessarily he s a snapper. He didn t drop any catchable balls when I watched him in the one-on-one drills. The defense would put big guys up there and then little guys none could stick with him. Again, I would have loved to have seen the speed on speed that would have been a Smith-Wooten matchup, but it was not to be. It got to the point with me where I wanted someone to jam him on the line to see if he could take a pop on the line of scrimmage. Folks tried. He was just too quick off the line; after about five yards there was what was going to become obvious separation down the field.


It s like Zach Mettenberger cannot get enough. He does not have to do these camps, but he s here, and he does them. He talked with me tonight about how much he was looking forward to spending time with Matthew Stafford at the Elite 11 Camp Sunday. The pair is going to fly out that day, presumably together, and spend time in Southern California& not bad. Still, Mettenberger has a high level of expectation for himself. I wonder sometimes if it s too high, but that s a really a good thing. I just hope it never gets to the point where he doesn t realize that he can do things. A. I think Zach had a better overall camp tonight. He made one throw, a touch throw over the middle, where he showed that his arm is not just about throwing through a brick wall all of the time. He does not have much talent to work with at Oconee& I m not trying to run the Warriors down it s true. So the fact that they are winning with what they have got is a testament to what Mettenberger can do. He can t sling the ball down the field in high school. There is no one there to catch it. When Wooten is on the other end of a deep ball your ball looks even better. Zach had a pretty good night no matter what he says.

Aby Jones decided not to particpate in the camp, and I think it was a matter of, really, what does he or the staff gain from it? Nothing. There is no reason to risk an injury to a top kid in some summer camp. As someone said: We already know what he s got.

Mike Gilliard is a well put together guy. Man he tries hard. I mean he tries hard. I think he s extremely athletic. I still think he s getting used to a thing or two, but by the end of September he may be a guy that has put it all together. He is very coachable, and I think he really had a good time coming up tonight.

Dallas Lee was not going to do the drills at Georgia s camp. The only thing he was going to do was run the 40-yard dash and that was it. But that was not enough for Lee. He traveled to the far end of the practice facility with the rest of the offensive line and went through the drills like everyone else. Oh well. I don t blame guys that want to get out there and have fun. I mean Lee avoided getting hurt, so job number one accomplished. I only spent a limited amount of time with the offensive line because I was watching a lot of other spots, but Lee looked good. He s not a fat guy. I wonder the reaction from some Georgia people when they see that one of the offensive linemen, Lee should play guard in Athens, ends up being the top tackler on his high school s defense (that could happen for Lee at Buford this fall at least it s possible). I think right now the talk about Lee being a defensive tackle should slow down or stop. He s an offensive lineman specifically a guard.


These guys are pretty good. I mean next year is not some junk year you ve got some real beasts in that bunch.


The Byrnes duo is unfair. Really, it s not right to have that on the defensive line at a high school. Brandon Willis is not the dude you are wanting to line up on in high school ball. I have made my mind up that the interest is too strong from Willis, at a minimum, in Georgia for me to avoid watching Byrnes play next season. I ve seen Willis at three camps and every time I see him he looks better. I would want to line up across from him less and less as time goes on. Now, he s a defensive tackle all the way. You ve also got Corey Miller, the defensive end, who also already looks the part of a college freshman. Miller is a Jon Fabris favorite think about that. This duo is dangerous. I am very, very interested to see if North Gwinnett can neutralize them at all, or if the Bulldogs are going to have to hold on for dear life.


I m not sure what the class of 2010 looks like quite yet, but Newnan safety Alec Ogletree is in my top five& now. Some guys just have it, and there s not much more to explain beyond that. He s a safety, but he did just fine in one-on-one drills by picking off two balls while I was there. Most guys didn t pick anything off, and here is this guy a safety, who some where saying was too big to be a safety picking off two. Take out your pencil and write it down; Dude is a stud.


Neland Ball came out to watch his younger brother Neiron play. If Neiron is going to grow the same way Neland has then look out. I like Ball s raw ability. He s a lot like his brother in that he s not a polished kid from the suburbs of Atlanta. Ball is going to grow into a heck of a prospect& and probably soon.


There were about 86 players at the camp tonight& The camp was broken into offense and defense with the two sides wearing Georgia s practice jerseys to distinguish one from the other& A slew of current and former players attended including Fernando Velasco, Mike Moore, Neland Ball, Vance Cuff, Donavon Baldwin and others. Many current players met some of the campers as they were ending their voluntary Friday workout& This camp, which has to be considered a success when taking into account the out-of-state components particularly from south Florida, had to take something from Florida s Friday Night Lights. The Dawgs are not the only one getting into the act of trying to slow that Gator event. Florida State, Tennessee, LSU and Alabama all have camps within the next few days. Note to Florida: everyone is ganging up on you (party in the end zone?)& Former Roswell wide receiver Tailer Jones is now at Gainesville& Jeffrey Whitaker, who Georgia just offered, could not make it to Dawg Night as Warner Robbins was at team camp tonight&

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I know it's a long ways away for 2010 prospects, but with regard to Willis and Miller, are there any indications that they are going to commit together to the same school? And if so, what are Georgia's chances compared to South Carolina's or Clemson's?

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