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The King of Kong


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ProtoType (7/18/2008)
If your a fan of classic arcade games such as Donkey Kong, I would recommend you to watch this Doc movie, It's about this guy named Scott that keeps trying to break the world record placed by Billy Mitchell.

This Documentary was freaking great, No one will believe what an arrogant jackoff Billy Mitchell is until they see the film. He is the God of 80's video games apparently, and sends his minions out to spy on and even sabotage Scott in his "quest" to break Mitchell's Kong record.


He also rocks the mullet like no one else since Billy Ray Cyrus. :laugh:

If anyone has NetFlix, you can instant PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL it from their site, if you don't have NetFlix, you should order it just for the instant streaming feature, 10,000 plus movies and television shows at DVD quality instantly and no extra charge. Just hook up an old PC to your Big Screen and your ready to roll.

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I saw this on G4 a couple of weeks ago.  I was torn between how great of a documentary is was and how absurd the whole thing was.

The director did a fantastic job of getting you to care about Scot trying to break a record by Billy Mitchell that was suspect in the first place.  You really ended up wanting to kick the ##### out of mitchell by the end.

But then you realise that these people's lives revolve around who can get the highest score on an arcade game.

Good movie either way.

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