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My Feel Good Falcon Post


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I just had a conversation with another Falcon fan. Afterwards I realized that I'm much more positive about this coming season than I felt immediately after the NFL draft. Reasons being thus:

1) Michael Turner: I was very negative before the weekend he visited with Blank & Co. I was sure he was going to Baltimore or another contender. Then after seeing the headlines when Turner was signed the next Monday my outlook for the Falcons took a complete 180. Michael put a big smile on my face that whole week.

2) Fringe pieces on offensive line: I was dissapointed too that we drafted so few Big Uglies. But now I think the FA pieces we did add like TE Hartsock along with Ovie Mughelli will improve our run blocking. But we need to avoid the en masse of O-line injuries we suffered last year; if we are that lucky, 5 of these players can gel into an good O-line, along with Hartsock, Mughelli, Milner etc.

3) Chris Redman: when you think of how well he passed the ball in December behind a hodge podge O-line, he can at least play that well this season if the new O-line can stay healthy.

4) Jerious Norwood: I think Pat Kirwan broke down the Falcons a little while ago. He questioned a Falcons' opponent, who responded that Jerious must get more touches, that he is the Falcons true big play, home run hitter. If we can scheme to get Norwood at least 12 touches per game (6 per half?) he will score touchdowns.

5) Curtis Lofton: just play him, coach. Brooking will still call the plays as the Wil, Curtis can fill the gaps aggressively knowing he's got Keith to his right and Boley on his left. The LB's are the strength of this defense and I'm eager to watch them make plays.

Thats my positive outlook. I'm not predicting 9 or 10 wins but I just got a good vibe that the Falcons will compete hard and knock some teeth loose.






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Don't forget WR's who can make plays.  It has been nearly a decade since we had any of those.  Back to having a passing QB.  Time will tell on this one, which may take until next year.  After 2 years of scrambling for a FG kicker we picked up someone who can still nail them outside of 50. Elam may unfortunately come in pretty handy this year.  You are definitely right on Turner.  It has been since we had Jamal that we had the big back to pound the ball in.  How embarassing, punting on 4th and short.  The Oline has gotten old and the cut block scheme has come and gone.  It is time for a new era of as Chuck Smith puts it "Jumbo Butts" who will be there year in and year out to gel and help Ryan get comfortable with timing.  Ovie said he is looking forward to actually getting some carries.  The big man looked pretty good at times.  I believe Thomas Brown can be the new return guy as Norwood may take on more snaps.  As long as he understands where the 7 yard line is and doesn't bobble the football he will unseat Jennings.  Jamaal Anderson is said to be actually lining up on the outside of the tackle instead of just playing the run.  His new line coach has decades more experience than last years joke.  He has been training at Chuck Smiths facility which has some of the best DE's as customers.  Contrary to some memorable play from his college days Ben Hartsock can catch.  He is no Alge but he won't be waiting just before training camp to have his knees scoped every year.

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