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Two in a Million: Twins Born - One Black, One White


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Two in a Million: Twins Born - One Black, One White

Thursday, July 17, 2008


 EPA/Wolfgang Kumm

Happy parents Florence Addo-Gerth and Stephan Gerth with their newborn twins Ryan (right) and Leo (left).

Twins with different skin colors one black and the other white have been born in Berlin, Germany.

Doctors say it is an extremely rare occurrence, but it is possible if genes combine in a certain way.

The twin boys, named Ryan and Leo, are the offspring of a mixed-race couple.

The mother, Florence, hails from Ghana in western Africa, and dad, Stephan, is from Potsdam in Germany.

"Ryan came first, and everything was as usual," said the hospital's doctor, Birgit Weber. "But when Leo was born, I couldn't believe my eyes."

"Both kids have definitely the same father," the doctor added.


Those kids are going to have to get used to field the same questions their entire lives.

"He's your brother?!?"


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Kobold King (7/18/2008)
Biloxifalcon (7/18/2008)

White folks don't/can't have different skin tones?

Yeah but I've never seen a white person with a milk chocolate skin tone before.

Ok, kid doesn't look that dark to me. It really doesn't matter much over there though, if I remember correctly.

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FalconFansince80 (7/18/2008)
deathdawg (7/18/2008)
I'm darker than that baby on the right. I guess some people in the thread are referring to the shape of the child's nose to identify it as "black".

Oh no you didnt.

I said that before he did. I don't think it's racist to say , in general that white people and black people have different noses.

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