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I would just like to take the time to thank God for...

Dem Birds

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Dem Birds Can Fly (7/18/2008)
C'mon, not one reply to this hilarious trailer of a movie!? I'm sure If I were asking you to post pictures of your favorite MILFS, you'd be lining up to post. Teenagers.

It doesn't get any MILFER than Ashley Judd


ps--I'll be 45 in 3 weeks:P

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Headshot (7/18/2008)
"This is why Superman works alone."

Ugh...the memories of this movie are physically painful to recall.

Yep, I just got in from the Dark Knight and I'd like once again to thank God that Christopher Nolen got ahold of the Batman movies, rather than someone like Bret Ratner or God forbid, Michael Bay.

Edit: Opps, I forgot i'm on Fat Matt's computer, it's me, DemBirds.

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