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1 down, 2-3 more to go


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I got back the results of my human geography AP Exam and scored 4/5 (avg score in GA is 2.75), which means that I'm "well-qualified" for that course in college. It's kind of surprising how well I scored, though, because I finished with a 71 in that course, was on the brink of failure, and had an AWFUL score on the practice exam. If I score with a 3+ on my next two AP Exams, I am an "AP Scholar." If I score a 3+ on my next three AP Exams, I am an "AP Scholar w/ Honors," which is what I'm shooting for. :cool:

I'm taking two AP classes (Statistics and Psychology) this upcoming school year, so things are looking bright for me. I (feeling a little shame here, being a UGA fan) sent my results to Georgia Tech (best college suited for me IMO, and sending my results on any AP class should help me, right?) in hopes to impress them. Has anyone else had experience with AP, and how much can it help me when trying to impress colleges?

I just feel so elated typing this down!:D:P:laugh::satisfied:

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Legendary12 (7/17/2008)
gamecocknfire (7/17/2008)
Gov. and Econ last year.

Language my junior year.

I'm probably not going to take those anyways, exceptpossibly language. I'm going to try to take AP Physics and AP Calc senior year.

The only of the 3 Id recommend is Language. Gov and Econ are super hard.

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