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Possible 2009 Offensive and Defensive Lineman


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Offensive Tackle

1) Andre Smith 6'5 340 Alabama

The SEC has some outstanding Offensive Lineman this year, and Smith may be the absolute

best among them , regardless of position. For starters, he's a beast of a man who simply

doesn't get over powered. In a word, he's a mauler. He gets into his defender, latches on, and

away he goes. He can run and pass block equally well. He'll face some of the nation's best

DEs, so he'll once again get to show off just how good he is. Needs to watch his weight...

2) Eugene Monroe OT 6'5 315 Virginia

Going into the 2008 draft, ex-Cavalier Branden Albert was graded out as the nation's top OG

prospect, and was considered a top 20 pick because of his ability to play OT. He was taken

by the Chiefs with the 15th pick overall. The fact that Albert wasn't moved to LT speaks

volumes towards how good Monroe truly is. He shields off defenders well, and is a mauler in

the run game.

3) Michael Oher OT 6'5 318 Mississippi

Many draft enthusiasts are surprised to see Oher here, as most were expecting him to have

declared back in April '08. Had he done so, he most likely would have bucked one of the other

OTs from being a 1st Rounder. There's no way he would have crept out of Day 1. Oher has a

nasty demeanor, and all the tools to be a solid OT in the NFL. He does need to work on being

more consistent and giving his all on every play. Can struggle with quick edge rushers...

4) Alex Boone OT 6'7 312 Ohio State

Boone was one of the highest rated High School O-Lineman prospects to come out in 2005.

He and Barton combined to one of the best OT tandems in the nation last year. While Boone

has all the tools and tons of talent, he did make some mistakes last year, and didn't always

look like a top prospect. To be fair, he did face some very good DEs. He has this year to work

out the chinks and show that he's the best OT in the Big 10.

5) Phil Loadholt OT 6'8 348 Oklahoma

Oklahoma has some great RBs, which explains why they ran for almost 2,500 yards last

season. However, their left side of the O-Line has a lot to do with it as well. Loadholt teams

with Robinson to form what may be the best Tackle/Guard tandem in college. Loadholt may be

the biggest prospect in the draft at any position. While he's a great run blocker, he needs to be

more agile in the passing game. If he can nail that, he'll be golden. If not, he'll fall.

6) Ciron Black OT 6'5 320 LSU

While just a Junior, Black has already established himself as one of the best OTs in the SEC,

if not the nation. He's entering his third year as a starter. While he's had a few bumps along the

way, he's also played against some phenomenal talent. Each year, he continues to get better.

Black might not even hit the 6'5 mark on the measuring stick, which may incline folks to look at

him as an OG instead of an OT. If that ends up being the case, he can make the transition.

7) Ryland Reed OT 6'7 315 Texas Tech

Reed very well may be the most underrated O-Lineman in the Big 12, if not the nation. He only

gave up 1 Sack last season, and it wasn't to Chris Long. In fact, no OT looked better against

Long than Reed last season. He's one of the strongest guys on the team, and holds the

school's max bench record with a 565lb. lift. He's a tremendous athlete, and at one time had a

career brewing as a pitcher. Expect him to be dominant and more recognized this year.

8) Andrew Gardner OT 6'6 298 Georgia Tech

Gardner is not the biggest OT prospect in the nation, but he's certainly one of the most

experienced. He's been the starter at the Left Tackle position since his Freshman year. He's a

very mature, disciplined player. While they have lost Choice in the backfield, Georgia Tech

should still be able to have an effective ground game behind Gardner. While he may not get

the press of the other OTs out there, he's deserving of it.

9) Ramon Foster OT 6'5 325 Tennessee

Foster will certainly have his work cut out for him this year, as he has to replace the very

talented Arron Sears at LT. While Sears will be moving over from his RG position, he has the

ability to play OT. Last season, the Volunteer O-Line was better than any in the nation at

protecting their QB. They only allowed a total of 4 Sacks. While that count is expected to go

up, Foster has the ability to help keep it respectable.

10) Adam Ulatski OT 6'8 310 Texas

The Texas Longhorn program is yet another that has become notorious for placing O-Lineman

into the NFL. Ulatski is a tall LT who could afford to add some weight. However, he already

has the make-up to be successful as is. The BIG 12 is not without some good DEs, so he will

be tested. Depending on how well he deals with the pressure, he could make a play to leave

early. While I think is unlikely that he'll do so, he's certainly a guy to keep an eye on.

11) Jamon Meredith OT 6'5 301 South Carolina

Meredith started his career out at the Right Tackle spot, but was moved to Left Tackle half way

through the 2006 season. While Meredith has the strength and intelligence to hold down that

spot in the college ranks, he may be too small to stay there. He'll most likely be looked upon to

switch back to the right side at the next level. While I like him as an OT, he would certainly have

the ability to slide over to OG as well.

12) Xavier Fulton OT 6'4 295 Illinois

Fulton lacks the ideal height and weight for the OT position. With that said, he's a great run

blocker and holds his own in pass protection as well. He has good feet for his size and moved

well. It's hard to believe that he was converted from a D-Lineman position to a LT. Meaning,

he's a lot more polished than some prospects that've been playing the position for several

years. He has one more year to learn even more and refine his game to get NFL ready.

13) Garrett Reynolds OT 6'7 310 North Carolina

Going into 2008 as a Senior, Reynolds has seen significant playing time against some very

good talent. He's seen action since his Freshman year, and got worked into the rotation as a

starter when he was just a Sophomore. Reynolds has the opportunity to be one of the best

OTs in the ACC. He has good size for the position, and even come with some versatility as

he's played OG and even DT while in High School. Consistently grades out in the 80%+ range.

14) Eric Vandenheuvel OT 6'7 323 Wisconsin

The right side of the Wisconsin Offensive Line may be the best in the nation. Kraig Urbik is a

great RG, and Vandenheuvel is no slouch at RT. Hill can certainly run the ball, but who couldn't

behind these beasts. Last season, Vandenheuvel was named to numerous 2nd and 3rd

All-Conference teams. After a strong showing in 2008, he could make the 1st team list. He

has the great size that the NFL personnel guys love.

15) Sam Young OT 6'8 330 Notre Dame

The fact that Sam Young started on the Notre Dame Offensive Line as a Freshman stands on

it's own. As a Freshman, he did well enough to land on many Freshman All-American teams.

Since setting foot on campus, he's added at least 20lbs. and has learned a lot along the way.

There were times last year however when he didn't play up to the advance billing. But, that

should be expected of a Sophomore. Look for him to be even better in his third campaign.

Offensive Guard

1) Duke Robinson OG 6'5 330 Oklahoma

Robinson is a huge, pun intended, reason why the Sooners averaged over 40 points a game

last season. He teams with Loadholt to make up one of the biggest, if not the best OT/OG

combo in the game. Robinson is a great pass blocker and an absolute mauler in the run

game. While the Sooners were an Offensive force last season, one could expect more of the

same this year with Robinson leading the charge.

2) Herman Johnson OG 6'7 353 LSU

While Johnson, the largest player to ever suit up for LSU's football program, has the size to

play the OT position, he's found a home at OG. The guy is simply to big to overpower. The only

shot a guy has at getting past him is by going around him. Once he locks onto his opponent,

they're done for. LSU has the luxury of putting virtually any decent RB in the starting role, as

he'll usually see positive yardage running behind this beast.

3) Anthony Parker OG 6'3 300 Tennessee

While Parker is not the biggest OG in this talented group, he's still one of the best. He's shown

his versatility in being able to play at OG or OT. Tennessee only allowed 4 Sacks last year. In

short, Parker very rarely gets beat. He's also a very good pulling OG. He opens up big holes

along the line of scrimmage, but blocks downfield very well too. He's a complete prospect

who's dominated against some of the nation's best. He needs to add 5-10 lbs.

4) Kraig Urbik OG 6'6 328 Wisconsin

Big Ten football baby. Teams in this conference like to pound the ball, maybe none more so

than the Badgers. And, this comes with good reason. Wisconsin has an extremely good

Offensive Line. Urbik is the best of the bunch. He has the size and versatility to play OT or OG.

He's expected to finish his college career with over 50 starts. He has as much if not more

experience than any O-Lineman out there. He's NFL ready now.


1) Jonathon Luigs C 6'4 315 Arkansas

If there was one thing you could rely on with Houston Nutt, it was that his team was going to run

the ball. With D-Mac and Jones in the backfield, who wouldn't. However, it helps when you

have a great pivot man calling the shots from the O-Line. Luigs is not only a rock, he's a smart

guy who does a great job of recognizing the blitz and picking up stunts. He creates huge holes

and always has his QB taken care of. He's one of the best O-Lineman in a great conference.

2) Max Unger C/OG/OT 6'5 300 Oregon

The PAC-10 is loaded with some great Cs this year, and Unger may be the best of the bunch.

He's one of the few Offensive Lineman prospects that can play any position along the O-Line.

Not only can he play them, but he excels at each. Because of his versatility, he'll get swiped up

early on. He's a tremendous blocker and is very reliable. Even without Stewart in the backfield,

they'll be able to move the ball behind Unger. 4 straight years as a starter.

3) Alex Mack C/OG 6'5 315 California

If Unger isn't the best Center in the PAC-10, then Mack is. He could have easily declared last

year and would have gone early. He has great size and completely controls things out on the

field, both physically and mentally. He has a ton of experience and rarely makes a mistake.

While Cal has had some gifted RBs to tote the ball, Mack makes their work easier than it

otherwise would be. Expect for him to be stellar again in 2008.

Defensive Tackle

1) Sen'Derrick Marks DT 6'1 290 Auburn

While Marks will certainly miss playing along side of Pat Sims, this guy should still have a

monster 2008. In fact, it should be good enough for him to declare as a Junior and be a 1st

Round pick. In 2007, he had 43 Tackles and 9 TFLs. He's an amazing interior force who is

extremely hard to block. He has a low center of gravity and really knows how to split the

wedge. Look for him to get better as the year progresses.

2) DeMarcus Granger DT 6'2 315 Oklahoma

Granger was a top-shelf recruit coming out of Texas, so big things were expected from him. In

fact, Rivals had him rated as the number one DT prospect in their 2005 rankings. So far, it

looks like they were spot on with their assessment. Last year as a Sophomore, he hauled in

35 Tackles, 8.5 TFLs, 3.5 Sacks, and 8 QBHs. I anticipate that he'll have an even better

season this year as a Junior, showing he's pro ready.

3) Fili Moala DT 6'5 300 USC

Most programs would take a major step back by losing a beast like Sedrick Ellis. USC won't.

Moala is expected to man the NT/DT spot very nicely. Blessed with great size and power,

Moala has room to get even bigger and stronger. With the amount of pressure that USC DE's

Griffen and Moore will be putting on the outside, teams may be forced to try the inside game.

Good luck. Moala could be the #1 DT at year end. He comes with off-field concerns.

4) Jeff Owens DT 6'3 300 Georgia

As if Offensive Coordinators don't have enough to worry about with Georgia's LBs, they also

have to face their D-Lineman. Owens and Atkins will form one of the best DT combos in the

country. Owens had an impressive 22 QBHs in 2007. He is a mauling type of DT that simply

wears down his opponent over the course of the game. He must be accounted for at all times,

as he's a complete menace to deal with.

5) Peria Jerry DT 6'2 310 Ole Miss

As it stands today, Jerry is the most underrated DT in college football. In 2007, he tallied 58

Tackles, 14 TFLs, and 3.5 Sacks. Those are insane numbers for a DT to be putting up. Jerry

is very strong at the point of attack, and does a fine job of redirecting the play. Greg Hardy

(DE) will be happy to have Jerry out there, as he will force many backs right into Hardy's arms.

Look for him to be ultra productive.

6) Terrance Taylor DT 6'0 320 Michigan

As a Junior, Taylor pulled in 55 Tackles, 8.5 TFLs, and 3.5 Sacks. Stats don't always paint the

picture in terms of a DT's value, but they're telling in this case. Taylor has the ability to

constantly stir things up in the backfield. Many plays never develop because of him. With a

450lb. bench, he's very strong. This team should have been crushed by losing Watson and

Branch in back to back years, but they weren't. He's filled their void.

7) Ricky Jean-Francois DE 6'3 282 LSU

Often times, it takes hours and hours of game tape review to see if a certain prospect has it or

not. In one game, Jean Francois showed that he has the make-up of a future star. The one

game in mention happens to be the BCS Title game where this freak went against a more

than formidable opponent. He shined then as he will this year. He also happens to be a field

star on the track team.

8) Geno Atkins DT 6'1 290 Georgia

Atkins will battle teammate Jeff Owens for best D-Lineman honors all year long. Atkins was a

machine last year, coming away with 38 Tackles, 13.5 TFLs, 6.5 Sacks, and a whopping 29

QBHs. Atkins is very fast off of the snap and simply too quick for many interior lineman to

block. When you couple that with his strong base and low center of gravity, the guy's a

menace. The DTs could make the Dawgs to SEC champs.

9) Vince Oghobaase DT 6'6 310 Duke

The Duke Football program fails to get much love these days, as it continues to be a doormat

for virtually every team it faces. However, teams know to steer clear of the monster DT

Oghobaase. Last season, he posted 49 Tackles, 12 TFLs, and 4.5 Sacks. Despite his size,

he moves well for a big guy. Look for him to be an ACC terror, despite the fact that he'll draw


10) Ziggy Hood DT 6'3 295 Missouri

Hood had a great season last year, posting 49 Tackles, 8 TFLs, 5 Sacks, 5 PBUs, and 4

QBHs. What's scary, is that his numbers could be just as strong this year. The Tiger Defense

will revolve around him, and he'll set a strong tone. He's a relentless pursuer and is very good

at destroying the play. He has enough talent and athleticism to bounce outside and play DE in

a 3-4 as well.

11) B.J. Raji DT 6'1 315 Boston College

Raji was academically ineligible for the 2007 season, so he didn't get to build upon what was

a great 2006 for him. That year, he had 63 Tackles, 16.5 TFLs, and 3.5 Sacks. What's scary,

is that Boston College only allowed their opponents 885 total rushing yards last season

without Raji. With Raji and Brace working side by side, the run defense is expected to even be

better this year. He could easily move up from this spot.

12) Vance Walker DT 6'2 292 Georgia Tech

This guy can flat out produce. As a Junior, he posted 45 Tackles, 14 TFLs, and 8.5 Sacks for

the Ramblin' Wreck. If he can pick up where he left off, he'll be sought after. The team lost LBs

Guyton and Wheeler, so they need him to produce. With Michael Johnson causing fits at one

DE spot, Walker we'll be freed up. Darryl Richard, the other starting DT is solid as well and will

help the cause.

13) Al Woods DT 6'3 315 LSU

LSU is completely stacked with talent across their D-Line, so Woods has not seen anywhere

near the playing time a talent such as he normally would. That may be the case again this year

if Jean-Francois and Alexander each play to their full potential. However, Woods is a great DT

prospect, and may end up being better than either of the aforementioned. If he gets on the

field, he'll be hard to remove.

14) Dorrell Scott DT 6'3 300 Clemson

Scott is an imposing DT who is a rock against the run. He's very hard to move and crushes the

pocket quite well. His 2007 numbers were solid, as he ended up with 50 Tackles, 5 TFLs, and

3 Sacks. He also had 8 QBHs, showcasing his ability to create pressure up the middle. Scott

should have an even better season in 2008 and solidify himself as one of the best DTs in the

ACC. Operating next to Jackson will help the cause.

15) Demonte Bolden DT 6'5 290 Tennessee

While Bolden was a top recruit coming out of High School, he really didn't see any solid

playing time until last season. He had 26 Tackles, 5 TFLs, and 2 Sacks. For an average DT,

these would be decent stats. For a talent like Bolden, they're pretty weak. He has the potential

to double his output in each of these categories this season. He passes the eye test in terms

of size, he just has to play to it.


6'7 342lbs RT/G Stacy Andrews: A BIG Mauler whom can play RT and Guard

6'5 335lbs RT/LT Vernon Carey: A under-rated RT/LT

6'7 340lbs RT/LT Max Starks: this guy gets a bad rap..... He is a good LT but he's a really good RT

6'4 312lbs RT/G Shane Olivea: Once was a great up incoming RT but partied himself off of the chargers team..... If he can redeem himself in New York...... He could be back on the radar

6'3 300lbs DT Tank Johnson:A under-rated UT..... I think Tank Johnson can be a rod coleman type UT except Tank is better against the run

6'6 320lbs DT Albert Haynesworth: The perfect 4-3 NT...... This beast not only stop the run but he also pressure the QB.... Albert has a home in atlanta and also train in atlanta (chuck smith).... With Haynesworth just turning 27... he has atleast good 5 years of probowl level play in him

6'4 310lbs DT Shaun Cody: Cody has never had his time to shine because he backs up Cory Redding.... This is a good that gets good penetration and is a above average run stopper..... I think Cody can be a good starter but he will need to be in rotation with someone

6'2 286lbs DT Jonathan Babineaux: I like Babs alot even tho i dont think he is a starter..... Babs show alot of potential because in a backup role he is able to use his abilitys at full strength..... if we can sing Babsback for backup money..... I'm all for it

6'3 336lbs DT Gabe Watson: A younger Grady Jackson type NT in a 4-3 Defense..... A run stuffing Maniac..... The Cardinals has no money plus they have Alan Branch ... so i can see the Cardinals letting Gabe Watson Walk away

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Its pretty clear that with so many talented OT's in next years draft that the falcons could get one in the first round no matter what their position ends up being -- I'll add another to your list - Lyndon Murtha Nebraska 6'7" 315

We all know the need at DT (especially NT), but I'm not sure there's one worth a top 15 pick.  Maybe the 2nd round we could get somebody like Al Woods LSU 6'5" 314.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings to take care of the OLine for the future and use the 2nd pick on one of the following players -- if available: Centers -- Alex Mack, Jonathan Luigs   Guards -- Duke Robinson, Herman Johnson.

We can shore-up both lines with our early picks in next years draft 'IF' our young secondary shows it has a bright future.  IF they don't pan out, we'll have to consider using a high pick here.

Of course, any of these positions could also be addressed in free agency or a trade. 

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