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OK, Since So Many of You Recommended It


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Kobold King (7/17/2008)
Vicious"! (7/17/2008)
Now, if I could only get ahold of some Fat Tire then I'd be set.

Keep drinking that beer and you'll have one soon enough. :w00t:

Too late!!:w00t:

Edit: That started the first time I impregnated my wife! Been Downhill since.

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I used their yeast in a couple of batches. I tried a clone, then an ESB. The ESB came out much better, so i entered it in a competition. I got the lowest score ever! Turns out, my score sheets were most likely switched with someone else's. I had two other certified judges taste the beer and read the score sheets and they disagreed with the scoring. Oh well...........

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