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Leonard Pope TE


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ol'_dirty2 (7/16/2008)
Spider (7/16/2008)
If I'm not mistaken hes a free agent this year. He is a great redzone target. A **** of a run blocker to boot.
Plus he's a Dawg!!! (Which decreases the likelihood of that deal getting done)

also DJ Shockley's best receiver, so i doubt he comes here A LOT. the DJ haters would have a fit that we have 2 TEs that can Block and watch that are from UGA.

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buckeyes (7/16/2008)
Leonard Pope is geat pass catcher and I would love to see Shockley throwing to Pope, but the haters wont have any part of it.

Georgiafan, have you seen this video I found on youtube in my sig?

yep i saw it in another thread that you were in. you should find some Shockley highlights. i remember putting a few of his up here. some you have to look up under 2005 Georgia Bulldogs and other sites besides youtube.

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theyhateme (7/17/2008)
delaigle (7/17/2008)
I'm a UGA fan and a fan of their recent TEs B. Watson, L. Pope and M. Milner

BUT come on GA folks the Falcons are not a boneyard for UGA Alumni. Many of you seem to want to get every UGA player who ever made it to the pros.

Yeah....and....??? :D

AND the falcons will have a lot of 0-16 seasons but that's OK you would still get to watch them ole UGA boys!!!

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