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What we need is a Herschel Walker-esque trade deal with Vick


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chifalc (7/12/2008)
paulitik (7/11/2008)
We might be able to get one of Herchel's personalities for Vick, but that's about it.

Then lets take the 'football player' personality. .

I met him a couple years ago at a restaurant, he looks like he could still play.

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Bill Cox (7/8/2008)
I know it's probably not gonna happen, but the current circumstances are similar to what the Cowboys faced when Jimmy Johnson took over.  Some of you young guys probably don't remember but at the time they were flat-out horrible.  What did they do?  They drafted the Golden Boy Aikman and then landed the most lopsided trade of all time by sending Herschel to the Vikings.  Even the great JJ took 3 years to do anything though.  That's what we should expect here at minimum. 

Is there another sucker team out there willing to make a trade like that with Vick?  Kansas City and Detroit come to mind. 

Can anyone explain to me the logic for Vick still being on the team - other than trade bait? 

My head just hurts hearing Walker spoken in the same sentence with Vick

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