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Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff says the Cowboys have not called him about Joe Horn.


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No takers for Falcons' Joe Horn


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 06/29/08

Despite veteran wide receiver Joe Horn wanting to be traded, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said there is nothing doing on that front. Horn's agent has been cleared to gauge interest in Horn with other teams but, as of now, there are no takers.

The Dallas Cowboys, who could be in need of a veteran wide receiver if Terry Glenn (knee) isn't medically cleared, were one of the teams queried by Horn's agent, but there hasn't been any talk between Dallas and Atlanta about a deal.

"I've made no contact with Dallas or they with me," Dimitroff said in a text message.

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E. T. (6/29/2008)
Why would anybody call about Joe Horn! We are kicking ourselves for signing this guy!!

He'll most likely get cut in the next wave of cuts.......

Thanks Joe but no thanks!

Hopefully he's a final cut. String it out as long as possible to hope someone is stupid enough to trade for the bum.
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MrPickles (6/29/2008)
Joe Horn bought a work ethic to our Wr that has never been seen since Mathis.

Are you, in good concience, defending Joe Horn?  He's nothing more than an over the hill receiver, who has never bought into anything other than the "me-first mentality".  At the time of the signing I liked it, and I enjoy the work ethic he brought, but his attitude will never do in our locker room. 

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