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What I EXPECT as a fan in 2008


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After much internal struggle on whether to stretch the budget for season tickets again this year, I went with my heart.  That said, I have come up with a few things I expect to see in return for my investment.  You tell me if this is reasonable. These expectations come both from my personal preferences, and what the team has proposed.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

1) I want to see this team move forward with the promised commitment to the running game. I believe the running game is a key to long term success. I personally define "commitment to the running game" as no more than 49% passing at the very upper extreme. If we stay committed to the run, we earn the right to attack with the pass.

2) I want to hear players talk in terms of team on nearly every occasion.

3) I am a Matt Ryan fan.  That said, I expect there to be open honest competition for every position on the field, including QB.  Although I share the FO's stated commitment to long term strategy, I demand the best product they can field for each game.

4) I want training camp open to the public like it has been the last couple of years.  That has value to me.

5) I want our defense to commit to stopping the run or die trying. Even if the pass is killing us we have to stuff the run.  Every pass is a "free ball" while it is in the air, and an opportunity to make something happen on the sack, int, or big hit.

6) I want to see a well coached team that is strong fundamentally (catching, blocking, tackling, and discipline to assignments).  We have REALLY missed the boat on most of these fundamentals the last two years.  This is where I look to see coaching effectiveness and player desire.

I will not hold this team responsible for record.  I will hold them responsible for their discipline and determination.  As I said before last season, major change leads to a major struggle.  Once again I expect some losses just from the sheer volume of change.

I guess I could sum it all up this way.  I can live with a bad record.  However, I can't take another year of BAD football fundamentals.

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I think what we will see differently, is the speed and the smarts of the defense as a whole. 

the DEs will rotate speed in and out.

The LBs are faster and better yet, smarter.

Less reading and more moving.

Smarter and faster DBs.

That will be a huge difference.

offensively, we will be bigger and deeper across the Oline.

Bigger and faster at the RB spot.

Just plain better at the WRs.

The QBs will be better because they are going to put in a position to succeed. Less 4&5  wides, more max protections, and more competition.

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papi (6/29/2008)
The new seats at the stadium better be a little wider:D

I'm tired of people being all over you at the games....need elbow room!

Thats what I want.

Good point.  Of course, unless we string together 3 or 4 wins in a row early on I'm thinking there will be plenty of room =/

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