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What was the story on Jimmy Williams being released? I have been out of town for awhile and missed it

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Marvin, no real explanation was given, other than it being a "football decision."

On the outside looking in, I take that to mean that his actual talent and desire outweighs his perceived value when he entered the league.

His history:

-- Busted with weed, while playing for an image conscious owner

-- Missing practice, instead of auditioning for new coaches who did not draft him and have no allegience to him.

-- Showing up overweight, when your profession requires you to perform at peak physical conditioning.

-- Consistently being unable to unseat journeymen players, like Chris Crocker, who on paper, do not have his size, speed, and range.

In short, 3 coaching regimes came to the same conclusion: he is not starting material. For a new regime that wants to clean house, his continual actions make him expendable.

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Superb summation by makeithappen. I remember the staff being elated with the pick. They considered it incredible value for his potential and where he fell to in the draft. It is rare that someone is given this many chances to play and then is cut...and then finds himself. That being said, I wish the best for JW.

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