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Cold Hard Football Facts all-time franchise rankings


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VickMichael.jpgFirst Falcons season: 1966 
Falcons franchise record: 256-378-6 (.405) 30th 
Falcons championships: none
Face of the Falcons franchise: Michael Vick 
Greatest Falcons players: Steve Bartkowski, Terence Mathis, Tommy Nobis, Gerald Riggs, Deion Sanders
Greatest Falcons coach: Leeman Bennett (1977-82), 46-41 (.529) Led franchise to its first three (of eight total) postseason appearances.
Falcons claim to fame: Bennett s 1977 Falcons fielded the stingiest defense in modern NFL history (9.2 PPG).  
It never got any better for Falcons fans than it did on: Jan. 17, 1999
The Falcons earned their first and only Super Bowl appearance by knocking off the 15-1 Vikings at Minnesota in the 1998 NFC title game. Atlanta trailed by 10 points in the fourth quarter to the then highest-scoring team in NFL history (556 points), but forced overtime, thanks in large part to a missed field goal my Minnesota s Gary Anderson, who was a perfect 35-for-35 that entire season.  
Falcons overview:
The Falcons inhabit a place somewhere behind the University of Georgia and Valdosta High School on the list of most popular football teams in the Peach State.
Of course, those two programs built tradition upon mountains of victories, Georgia as the perennial SEC power; Valdosta is the winningest high school football team in U.S. history. The Falcons, however, have fielded 28 losing teams in 42 seasons of NFL football. The most popular player in franchise history, meanwhile, was a dysfunctional quarterback who could barely pass the football at a pro-caliber level, was embroiled in one controversy after another, and finally got busted for, of all things, running a violent dog-fighting ring. Good job, Michael Vick.
The 2007 campaign, with all its problems the Vick saga, coach Bobby Petrino quitting in the middle of the season was indicative of a franchise that s never been well grounded.
The sad part is that you could argue that Atlanta is an organization on the upswing. Three of its eight playoff appearances, and four of the six postseason victories in franchise history, have come over the last 10 years. And with a new coach and a new franchise quarterback, the organization has definitely attempted to make a break with its past. But like the Saints, it will take years of success to erase the history of ineptitude that has marked the organizations first four decades.
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fan since 1968 (6/26/2008)
Shaud (6/26/2008)
Greatest Falcons players: Steve Bartkowski, Terence Mathis, Tommy Nobis, Gerald Riggs, Deion Sanders

Where is Jessie Tuggle??? :angry:

Where is Claude Humphrey?

Jamal Anderson? Whiteshoes?

Saddest part is that that was a pretty fair assessment... I have always lived in Atlanta, and yet, I have distinct memories of being ridiculed for being a Falcons fan when I was a kid...

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Born, raised and lived in Atlanta all my life.  Was a pie eyed kid during the Bennett years and thought for sure the Falcons were SB material.  Been a long time since i thought that.

Not sure how many of you are in Sales for a living but could you imagine trying to sell our history and prestige to FA's??  No amount of spin can put a shine on that record.  Comes down to cold hard cash and 'mild' winters to lure talent here on a consistent basis. 

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Yeah, Saints have had a tough existence since joining the league in 1967.

That history of losing has Saints fans as myself highlighting any positives that are achieved such as this next season's milestones that could be reached against the rival dirtybirds.

For example, Saints overall league W/L record 254-367-5, and Falcons overall league W/L record 256-378-6.

I just believe the Saints are going to have more wins than Falcons this season which will put the Saints having won more games in the league overall in their existence than the Falcons despite coming in the league "the year after" the Falcons were established(1966)

Also, all time head to head Saints Falcons record is 44-33-0 that the Falcons lead; but after this season with another possible sweep of the Falcons, Saints can bring that total within single digits to 9 losses making it 44-35-0 and counting.

Gotta have faith! Who Dat!=)

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