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16 Sundays: Week 6 - Chicago @ Atlanta

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To read the full origin and explanation of this project click on the below link:

http://life.atlantafalcons.com/forums/Topic3545779-45-1.aspxhttp://life.atlantafalcons.com/FORUMS/Post.aspx?SessionID=xor44cm5uqpmwxevs45hhk45' s_oid="http://life.atlantafalcons.com/FORUMS/Post.aspx?SessionID=xor44cm5uqpmwxevs45hhk45" s_oidt="0">

I figured I would embark on a project. Fact is, if you are still coming to message board during these dog days, you truly are a die-hard.  My endeavor would be to project each game on the Falcons schedule and provide a box score and write-up for it.  Sometimes the write-ups would be detailed accounts of the game, others might focus on a players contribution to the game or their role with the team.  But each game and write-up would unravel the story of the Falcons 2008 season in as realistic a fashion as possible. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The goal?  Try and re-create the excitement and enthusiasm of going through the week by week trials and tribulations of watching the Falcons again.  Each week is linked at the bottom of the article if you want to catch up.


Tables Turned; Last Second <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Elam FG Lifts Falcons


Focus.  That was the first thing Mike Smith said on Monday when the Falcons gathered to watch film after returning home from Green Bay.  Sometimes a loss like in Green Bay is more difficult to put out of your mind than the one like we suffered in Carolina.  It just sticks with you a bit longer Coach Mike Smith remarked We had to make sure it didn t .  And when Jason Elam walked onto the field with :04 remaining on the clock to kick the game winning FG, it was what he was thinking about.


Focus.  I ve been in a lot of these situations said Elam and the key is to never take it for granted.  Just because you ve done it before, doesn t mean you ll do it again.  You have to earn it .  And while the 38 yard attempt is usually a relative chip shot for Elam, he understood the magnitude of the kick.  It goes in losing streak stopped, we go into the bye week at 3-3.  Miss it and now we re finding ways to lose and have a week to stew about it.  It was a huge kick .


But like many times before, Elam came through and a jubilant celebration began.  When the Falcons signed Elam, this is what they had envisioned; being able to trust their FG kicker to win games in the last second.  I think the last guy they had in here probably would have done OK on that one too Elam smiled referring to the departed Morten Andersen.  That may have been true, but Andersen certainly would not have been able to nail the 51 yarder Elam split the uprights with in the first quarter.


If any game epitomized the type of team Mike Smith is trying to develop here, it s this one.  Michael Turner carries the ball 31 times.  The yards were tough to come by as while he eclipsed 100 yards for the second time in his Falcons career, his 3.7 YPC average on the day showed they were very tough yards.  They were everywhere Turner said Harris, Urlacher& it was like there were 15 of them out there .  But Turner churned and was able to do his own share of bludgeoning.  The resulting 6:50 in time of possession advantage was crucial in the deciding outcome.


While the Bears certainly will not be mistaken for the 2007 Patriots on offense, the Falcons defense continued to show signs of their own re-birth.  John Abraham had his best game as a Falcon since his first effort against Carolina two years ago notching 2.5 sacks and forcing a fumble and generally victimized Bears rookie LT Chris Williams all day.  The difference between this year and last year for us is that we can generate pressure with our front four Abraham said Last year, that wasn t the case.  Teams could roll their blocks toward me.  Now Jamaal s getting in their.  Babs is getting there.  We re a little more aggressive in passing situations now. They can t compensate like that anymore.  We re just making the pocket more uncomfortable now for the QB to be in.  That helps the secondary .


John Abraham is certainly one of the better DE s in the NFL commented Bears Coach Lovie Smith.  We simply didn t have an answer for him today.  (We) Probably should have protected Chris (Williams) a bit better .


Heading into the bye week, Coach Smith had a message to his team - don t lose your focus. I ve seen teams come back from the bye week and it s as if they had come back from the off-season a little bit. Smith remarked That s an exaggeration of sorts, but you want to make sure that they make productive use of the time.  Get your treatments if you re hurting.  Relax. Decompress and then when Monday comes around, you feel re-energized, ready to get back to work.  You don t want them thinking this is spring break .  The message was obviously geared toward his young guys, but if Matt Ryan was any indication chances are the message got through.  We can t have another Carolina Ryan stated Now is no time to let up.  I ll be watching film .


PlayerCompAttemptsYardsComp%YPATDINTSKDYds LostScoring Summary
Matt Ryan152618957.69%7.27102141st Quarter
Chris Redman         Jason Elam 51 Yard FG
D.J. Shockley         Matt Forte 1 Yard TD Run
2nd Quarter
PlayerRushesYardsTDYPRReceptionsYardsTDYPRFumblesRoddy White 21 Yard TD Reception
Michael Turner311141 21306.50 
Jerious Norwood4230 32107.00 3rd Quarter
Thomas Brown         Robbie Gould 43 Yard FG
Ovie Mughelli250      Jason Elam 32 Yard FG
Matt Ryan210     1Jason Elam 37 Yard FG
Chris Redman         
Roddy White    360120.00 4th Quarter
Laurent Robinson    554010.80 Greg Olsen 13 Yard TD Reception
Harry Douglass    132032.00 Jason Elam 38 Yard FG
Ben Hartsock    1909.00 
Martrez Milner         
Michael Jenkins  
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