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I'd say...

1. QB

2. OT

3. DE

4. CB

5. MLB

6. RB

7. DT

8. G/C

9. WR

10. OLB

11. TE

12. S

13. K

14. P

15. FB

Oddly enough, positions that face each other actually appear together on the list, including OT and DE, RB and MLB, and DT and C/G. The noticeable exception are WR and CB, with CB appearing mush higher up the list because its the most difficult position to play and top CBs are very hard to find.

For me, postions 10-4 are the premier positions, with RB and MLB being the second tier positions. The thrid tier are 6-12, which are difcult to separate.

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1. C

2. OT, G

3. DT, DE

4. TE

5. QB

6. RB

7. FB


9. S

10. CB

11. WR

1. I have the Center because he touches the ball first and if his 2 second stint goes bad no one else matters.

2. is the rest of the O-Line because a mediocre QB can look great with a lot of time each play to throw the ball; on that same note the o-line can provide a mediocre running back five yards or more without being touched.

3. is the D-line because if you keep the opposing team's QB on his but his passing yards will be little to none; same thing with the opposing RB, if he runs into a D-Lineman as soon as he thinks about the line or scrimmage the game will be yours most times.

4. is the TE because he protects your QB, opens lanes for your RB and can catch and advnce the football.

5. is your QB because he has the job of distributing the ball

6. is your RB

7. is your FB

8. is your LB-core because they are your second line of defense

9. are Safeties becuase they are your last line before your opponent scores

10. CB

11. WR

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