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John Drew decommits from Georgia Tech..


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mbrizzle (6/18/2008)
Good times.

He's going to look great in the Red and Black... ;) Tee Hee!!

Here is a comment from someone who knows john drew personally:

John's dad says that John didn't like the location of Gtech... Loves the coaches, loves the school, just can't handle Atlanta. If GT were anywhere else outside of ATL, John would most likely still be committed to tech

They're really not sure what they're going to do... John and Family are going to talk and pray about it and see if/where John should camp as well as what sort of schools John is looking at.

There's no telling what shape UGA is in at this point. I can't help but be optimistic because of the Drew Family's relationship with Coach Garner and their strong shared values and beliefs with Coach Richt.

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freakyfalcon (6/18/2008)
I didnt know we had an interest in John Drew. IftheDawgscan snatch him up that will be great.

Yep uga was recruiting him pretty good, but then he committed and UGA backed off. it will be interesting to see what they do because he is a heck of a player.

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