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D Hester free agent

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Dr. Doom (6/14/2008)
ballin in atl (6/14/2008)
Dr. Doom (6/14/2008)
ballin in atl (6/14/2008)
well im not old enough to know what that was but i think hester has better vision than deion
that's punt returns. what does that have to do with route running ?

In a foot race, I would take Deion in hid primeanyday over Hester

you throw him the ball on a screen and it takes vision, vision is more than just on punt returns.

Who Really Runs WR screens? That's College, Unless you're Steve Smith.Plus you really think a DB is going to want to get beat by Hester. The only thing hester has is speed.

It's easy to have vision, when everyone is downfield blocking for you. BTW what's makes hester look so good is that the only time he's on the field is on a KR/PR. He didn't really play WR. Really doesn't have the hands for WR. Deion, on the other hand, didn't have great hands either, but He played DB every down, and PR/KR

Have you really watched him before. He has scored on the offensive end as well. He is easliy in the top 10 threats in the NFL

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