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Hey y'all, I haven't posted in ages (I hear you go "amen to that") cos I been in my nation's capital, Canberra! (Where all the politicians live... Ugh) Anyway, I'm doin Fantasy Football again this year, and I done my Live Draft the other day (10:45am for your American time, 12:45am for me :D)

And I am so pleased with my draft results, I think if no injuries occur, and current ones heal I got this in the bag. lol. Here's my team and I picked 5th in the 1st round then 7th in the 2nd, 5th in the 3rd round and so on...

1st Round: Tom Brady (was hopin for Steven Jackson, taken 4th...)

2nd Round: Larry Johnson

3rd Round: Steve Smith (The Carolina receiver one that dominates... lol)

4th Round: Ronnie Brown

5th Round: Torry Holt

6th Round: Calvin Johnson

7th Round: Jags D-fence/ST

8th Round: Jonathan Stewart (CAR rookie)

9th Round: Jeremy Shockey (Potential steal of the draft in my eyes)

10th Round: Mason Crosby (The Packers kicker, early run on kickers)

11th Round: Anthony Gonzalez (Marvin might not play, AG would start with Reggie)

12th Round: Matt Forte (I anticipated Benson was gonna get cut, 8 hours later... He's gone.

13th Round: Rashard Mendenhall (Yes, I like my RB's. Willie Parker is always an injury risk)

14th Round: Trent Edwards

Something weird... The 1st pick in the draft was not LT or All Day, not even Steven Jackson... It was Joseph Addai?? He's good, but not better than the aforementioned.

Comment and tell me what ya'll think. Go Birds! (My team logo is the Falcon logo!)

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a draft in mid-June? A tad bit early, but to each there own.

Now for some analysis:

Your squad looks pretty decent. Ballsy taking your top two running backs whom both are coming off season ending injuries last year. But if they are healthy and can return to previous form, you should be ok.

Speaking of returning to previous form, if Steve Smith can play more like the guy he was in 2006 and not 2007, your combo with him, Holt and Johnson should be ok.

Shockey isn't a steal in the 9th round. He's a good tight end that's more hype then production, but is a fantasy football starting tight end. Tight ends like Gates, Gonzalez, Clark, Winslow and Witten should be drafted before Shockey.

Your backup quarterback sucks. Better pray Brady plays all 16 games.

I will give your team a solid B.

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Big reg hit on most of it. I don't know if selecting Tom Brady 5th overall (I'm assuming that's where you took him?) was the wisest decision, because the Pats might not run up the score like last year. Your running backs are huge question marks. I don't trust KC's offensive line and I think it's going to really hurt Larry Johnson. If I were you I'd try to trade him before the season starts, but that's just me.

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