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give Matt a chance to prove himself.


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He's going to be a bust,he'll cripple the franchise,he's the worst pick for the Falcons ever.These are just some of the negative comments about Matt Ryan that have been posted on this board.There was even one that called him Matt Ryan Leaf,which is the stupidest comment yet.I'll admit I wasn't crazy about the pick,I wanted Dorsey,as did a lot of people on this board,but I didn't think it was a terrible pick,it just wasn't the pick I wanted.Then again,I'm not the GM.Obviously,after taking a closer at Ryan after it looked like Dorsey might be gone and interviewing him,TD and the staff saw something in Ryan that they really liked,because they were aiming for Dorsey.Something they saw in Ryan changed their minds.TD comes from a winning organizationthat knows how to build a team.The fact is none of us armchair experts know how this is going to play out.We need to trust that TD and the coaches know what they're doing and get behind this QB.Alot of you are getting more and more impatient.You gave up on roddy White and Jamal Anderson after one yearand Now Ryan hasn't even taken a snap and you'calling him a bust!Chill out people!

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Jigga Donkey (6/10/2008)
Breaks in your posts go a long way for them being understood. Try it sometime

PS - Ryan's a bust and will prove that this year.

so you know that for a fact???

we might as well say that Flacco, Henne and Brohm will be busts as well

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