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Positions of Need Following the 2008-2009 Season

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I said RT, RG, UT, NT in no particular order.

i thought about SS, but i think DeCoud will at least be given a shot at that position. if not, then he will at FS. i could see us getting a good one next year but id rather focus on the lines.

if we get a stud RT early, a stud NT early and then get a quality depth addition at RG and UT id be pretty happy. hopefully babs handles the starting role well.

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UT - Don't know how Babs will do

NT - Is Trey healthy?

RG - This is a must with Forney most def. being gone next year. Clabo could also take over.

RT - How are Weiner's knees? Age could play a factor and I don't think Clabo is good at RT.

SS - Should be Milloy's last year with us, and will DeCoud or Stone take over??

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I did TE/UT/SS/OG in no particular order either.

I think Trey Lewis will be given a shot at NT and we signed some big boys to compete for the position, but outside of Babs at UT there is really nothing. There are some good UTs next year like the quick Senderrick Marks who can be had in the second round. Either way we need a DT BADLY.

I choose TE for a few reasons. Matt Ryan will almost certainly be starting by 2009 unless Redman breaks out lie Anderson did and a young QB needs a good TE imo to flourish. Manning=Shockey, Rivers=Gates, Rothisberger (sp?)=Heath Miller. We do not have a pass catching TE on the team right now and we really need one. Also, we have the worst rated TE group in the NFL in Madden 09 and I cannot live with that ;) If Jermaine Gresham comes out early, he is the guy I want.

I think OG/OT are equal needs but I picked OG because after looking at the Falcons current roster we have 7 OTs and 3 OGs, so I went with OG. I feel that the left side of our line is set with Baker and Blalock and hopefully one of the 4 centers we have pan out. The right side on the other hand is a complete mystery. Weiner and Forney are old and overpaid. Foster and Clabo are unproven. Hopefully one of Foster/Clabo/Ojinnaka claims a starting spot along the right side. I can see Clabo taking over RG and Weiner holding RT down until next year. Or Foster could take over RT and Forney could hold RG down. Either way we need a lineman for the right side of our line.

I think it was obvious I was going to pick SS in order to draft the one and only Taylor Mays. The next two years is the max amount of time I give Lawyer Milloy as a Falcon and Daren Stone just got a DUI so he might not even be around anymore. Hopefully Coleman returns back to his probowl caliber form in the Cover 2 defense so FS won't be a need. I see DeCoud competing for the FS spot but I think he would be better used as a CB. With a CB core of Houston, Jackson and DeCoud we would three good young talents.

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