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Who is going to get MetalGearSolid 4?

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Jay Posey (6/6/2008)
I'll pick it up. I haven't read anything regarding multiplayer. Does it have multiplayer and does anyone have any details. I'm at work and they block anything game related hear. **** nuke plants.

There is multiplayer. It's called Metal Gear Online, and it will be included on the disc. It'll include 5 maps with more to come as DLC. There was an MGO beta recently in which I played. It was really good. Got to play against employees of Kojima Productions (I really sucked). The team on which I played and Kojima Pro ended up drawing 2-2 in terms of rounds.


Here's "Old Snake" from the MGS4 soundtrack. I love it. I've been listening to some tracks from the OST and I'm seriously contemplating buying it.

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