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Yay I'm Getting CoD4 for Free

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Rayme, a developer at Infinity Ward, is sending me CoD4 for free. Of course there were conditions. He sent me an e-mail with the following conditions:

1: You haven't "really" played CoD4 yet. (Be reasonable. A few minutes on your friend's machine is just fine, hah)

2: You don't own CoD4 yet.

3: You'll play through the single-player (even on Easy!).

4: You'll play MP for at least two hours.

5: Within two months of the game shipping to you, you'll post your (HONEST!) impressions of SP and MP to the CoD4 thread on GAF.

I was one of 5 people to get this.

He'll ship it to me this week. He's a fellow NeoGAF member so we've talked often about his work.

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Remarkable (6/5/2008)
Congrats...the rest of the world has been waiting on you for about 8 months now.

Well I'm not a big FPS fan. I only really like two FPS games, and both are sci-fi (Halo and Resistance). I was talking to an SCE developer who also suggested he could give me a game in the future.

I'd really love to start getting games for free rather than paying.

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