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Who are your all-time favorite Falcons?


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V-Tech-Falcons (6/28/2008)
Vick my fave by far. Everyone said he was the most exciting player in the game, probably ever, maybe except for Barry Sanders, but he was a RB.

Nowadays, I have to say Jeezy Norwood.

Tuggle was a beast too, resembling that of Chuck Norris. :D

Vick was exciting to watch I will admit that.  Barry Sanders was exciting as was Walter Payton in his prime.  Neither was on a winning team except the one year the Bears went on to win it all.  It's too bad Sanders never got to experience that.  Another Falcon that was fun to watch was the ol' "Cannonball Butler".  Not that he contributed a whole lot at RB but because he seemed to never know when he was tackled.  He'd be laying on his back and still pumping his legs!  It was pretty entertaining...

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Claude Humphrey,  Mr Nobis, Norm Van Broklin giving nicknames to players such asd "Skunky" and "Muley". If you are speaking of good memories from the playing field, and ignoring events that occured away from it, then I will suggest you add Harmon Wages (set the early Falcon record for longest run from scrimmage), and William Andrews.

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Farmer (6/4/2008)
Just wanted to talk about something positive.  So who are your favorite Falcons past and present?  I'll list mine, keep in mind I'm 28, so I'm not familiar with the early Falcons.  I wish I was.  I would love to see Nobis play, and be able to watch the Gritz Blitz just kill oposing QB's.  Anyway, here's my list in no particular order.

1. Tim Dwight - He will always be my favorite Falcon ever.  The guy played with reckless abandonment everytime he touched the ball.  The guy was lightening fast, but I loved it when he put his head down and run into a guy full speed. 

2. Keith Brooking - Mr. Falcon

3. Terrance Mathis - Most sure handed WR I've seen in a Falcon's uni.

4. Jessie Tuggle - The Hammer, enough said.  I'm hoping Loften turns out to be Tuggle v 2.0.

5. Jamal Anderson - Best running back I've ever seen in a Falcon's uni.

6. Deion Sanders - I hated his attitude off the field, but **** that guy could shut down half a football field by himself. 

7. Warrick Dunn - Classiest professional athlete I've ever seen.

8. Alge Crumpler - Only guy who could consistently catch Vick's ball. 

9. Morten Anderson - Never doubted this guy on any kick.

10. Bob Chirstian - Guy was a beast of a FB, both blocking and carrying the ball.

11. Patrick Kerney - I love the high motor guys.

12. Scott Case - Laying the wood.

13. Chris Chandler - Got us to the superbowl

Honorable Mention:  Michael Vick (pre 2007) - Most exciting player I've ever watched, even though he's an idiot. 

So, what do you think of my list, who would you add/take off?  Who are your favorites?


White Shoes, Crump, Bart, Duckett (powerhouse), Vick and Kearney.

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I still say Tim Dwight was more exciting to watch than even Vick.  With Dwight, I wasn't going into cardiac arrest worrying that he may fumble.  Plus with Dwight, just when you thought he'd juke some guy, he'd lower his head at full speed and blow the guy up.

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iDash (6/4/2008)
1. Deion

2. Vick

3. Hebert

4. Jamal 1

5. Steve

6. Grady

7. Tuggle

8. Boley

9. Chandler

10. Travis Hall

11. Schaub

12. Kerney

13. DMO

14. Crumpler

15. ABE

16. Riggs

17. Bob Christian

18. C. Bennett

19. Kevin McCadam

20. R.Coleman

21. Youngblood- he was officially on the roster in 2006

That sig is friggin' hilarious!!!

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doc17mo (6/27/2008)
cutshot (6/27/2008)
Mike Kenn-The best OT in Falcon history.

Todd Weiner, Bob Whitfield, Jamie Dukes, Lincoln Kennedy and Jeff Van Note may have a problem with that statement to name a few.


They shouldn't Mike Kenn was the best tackle in Falcons History. **** I know Van Note would agree after playing with him so many years.

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Tim Green

William Andrews

Travis Hall

Fulton Kuykendall

Jeff Van Note

Jeff Yeates

Tom Pridemore

Brian Jordan

Tommy Nobis

Gerald Riggs

Claude Humphrey

Chuck Smith

Patrick Kerney

Alfred Jenkins

Scott Case

Chuck Smith

Mike Kenn

Keith Brooking

Terrance Mathis

Jessie Tuggle

Jamal Anderson

Deion Sanders

Warrick Dunn

Alge Crumpler

Morten Anderson

Bob Chirstian

Patrick Kerney

Scott Case

Chris Chandler

Michael Vick

Chuck Smith

Andre Rison






Bill Fralic

Joel Williams

Wallace Francis

Rolland Lawrence

Reggie (super Knat) Smith

Mick Luckhurst

Bob Whitfield

Lester Archambeau

Cornelius Bennett

Travis Hall

O.J. Santiago

Allen Rossum

Justin Griffith

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Wild Bill (6/30/2008)


Dude, I used to be a professional racquetball player and I'd play in the pro ams at the Falcon Complex in Suwanee every year.  Don't remember which year it was, probably around '86 or '87 and I played against Cain in the 'Open' division and he waxed my azz.  Dude was freakishly athletic.  He looked like a scat back on TV and a freight train in person. 

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My boyhood hero was Steve Bartkowski.  After I got to shake Jeff Van Note's hand at a banquet for my rec. center team when I was about 13, he became my 2nd favorite. That man had fingers like tree trunks!


Van Note

William Andrews

Jessie Tuggle

and the Alfreds (Jenkins and Jackson) are my top 5.

Jenkins had about 1300 yards and 13 (receiving)TD's in 1981 (tops in the league).  Those were big numbers for that era...especially in ATL. The amazing thing was William Andrews had 11 more catches than Jenkins did that year.  Andrews was 4th in the NFL in catches from the running back slot. William ended the season with 2000 total yards from scrimmage.  What a great year. Funny thing all my favorites except Tuggle are from that era huh?

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doc17mo (6/27/2008)
cutshot (6/27/2008)
Mike Kenn-The best OT in Falcon history.

Todd Weiner, Bob Whitfield, Jamie Dukes, Lincoln Kennedy and Jeff Van Note may have a problem with that statement to name a few.

Kenn was widely acknowledged in NFL circles as being one of the top OTs in the NFL.  Kenn went to multiple Pro Bowls and even when he got older Kenn was still a great OT.  And he played the left side against some of the true legends in the NFL like Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor.  Taylor once said he absolutely hated playing versus Kenn.

Kennedy was drafted as an RT and while he was a good player, he was never a great one, not even with the Raiders, parly because of his knees.  Whitfield had major concentration problems...two of Vicks worse injuries came when Whitfield ole'-ed his man like a matador does in bull fighting.  Bob was good, but Kenn was great.

Weiner is good for an RT, but thats about it.  Van Note and Dukes were always centers, not LTs.

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