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OL rankings: trenches are the first place to find winners

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On form last year, I don't think we can complain about being in the bottom 5. Dead last is a little harsh, but I can see his justification.

I am confident, however, that by mid-season, at least, our line will be outperforming that ranking, and should be somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Incidentally, is anyone else delighted to see that Carolina has decided to move Gross back to LT - where he was slaughtered by Abraham - and have put Otah, the guy for whom they traded the world, at RT? I can only assume that they are eventually planning to move Otah to LT, because otherwise that trade makes zero sense.

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bossFALCON"! (6/3/2008)
Jedi-Falcon (6/3/2008)
Because Pete Prisco is always right. :cool:

It doesn't matter until the games are played on Sunday. Then see what this hack writes...

he'll be saying that he knew we could do it all along and we were his 08 sleeper.:doze::rolleyes::cool:

HAHAHA Truer words have never been spoken...er... typed?? ;)

I don't trust journalists... only people that actually study the game.

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