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Anyone see the ESPN story of A.J. Green


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It was a remarkable story that will most certainly end in a sports movie. Their coach was a firefighter that died in a tragic fire in Summerville before A.J. Green's senior year. He coached with love and passion and always preached how his team could win a state championship. The Summerville team kept and hand made black fire fighter helmet with a green number 15 on it, his firefighter squad was 15 and green and black were Summerville's colors, at his seat on the bench.

I believe they said Summerville went 20-3 on the season, and made it to the Championship Game. The Championship game was really close the whole game. Summerville went up 2 with under a minute left. Then with 1.7 seconds left one of Summerville's player's shot a 1-1 witha chance to ice the game. He missed the shot the other team got it and shot a 65 foot shot at the buzzer to win the game for the other team. Then the refs huddled and recalled the shot, no instant replay, and determained the shot did not beat the buzzer and Summerville one the National Championship.

Can't wait to see this in the theaters.

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