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JaMarcus Russell or Matt Ryan

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why not just start a new thread? asking who is better ryan or russle, instead of wasting yur time by looking up this thread. like anyone is actually gonna read anything except your last post.

Why comment without adding to the thread, Paul Blart MB Cop? I don't care if anybody reads all the way back or not.. I don't presume anybody will, either.

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Russell has horrible accuracy, and accuracy is paramount in the NFL...

I would prefer accuracy, good decision making and a quick release over a cannon arm and size.

After watching the Oakland V San Diego game, if the Raiders had an actual OL they would be a pretty good team this season. Their defense is pretty **** good with the Seymour addition, but they need a real running game to pair with it. Russell is ok for the odd play, but he isnt someone id rely on for 3rd down conversions to often...

They need to pound the ball and then let Russell sling it to Heyward-Bey every so often...

Matt Ryan is and will be the better QB. I think JR busts...

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EVERY single scouting report of Ryan speaks of his work ethic, leadership, football smarts, and competitive drive... Examples of his Intangibles and "Smarts".1. Everyone has shown huge respect for the guy and is considered a great leader by ALL who have played with him. Heck, even players on the team now are calling him Matty Ice.

2. Pre-draft, we gave him a playbook and told him to memorize it overnight. He put forth 110% effort to learn it. When he showed up he could draw up EVERY single play and dissect every defense that was thrown at him.

3. He has constantly stayed late to study film, even requesting film of him during camp so he can work on any issues in his own time.

4. He already knows the plays well enough to run the team pre-snap on the field. He was able to fix mistakes made by veterans and get everyone in order correctly pre-snap, Peyton Manning is well known for doing this.

5. He has expressed desire to be in Atlanta, even before we had interest in drafting him. He has stated that he WANTS nothing less than to be the starter. So far, he has come here and put forth 110%. That is why people respect him. Great leader, great work ethic, and extremely competitive attitude. That are attributes Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have, and that is why TommyD has full confidence in him.

Here are some pre-draft reports on Russell...

"Didn t play in a complex offense and so may need significant adjustment time." "Throws into double coverage too frequently." "Will need to watch weight." "Can be overconfident in arm."

Here something from Nolan Nawrocki in Pro Football Weekly: "Marginal worker. Not committed to his craft. Has a lackadaisical approach to the game. Will require very tough coaching."

Of course, let's take what the Raiders said to them. Why wouldn't they be objective and honest 100% of the time about their 60 million dollar future QB? Hmm... I am not saying he will fail, but things look better for Ryan than they do for Russell.

Concerning "lots of INTs". Ryan has the same % of INT/attempts as Russell does. Add that in with the fact that the team Russell was playing with had huge talent, unlike Ryan's, then things once again favor Ryan. If Brohm had come out last year he was the top pick in the draft, but he stayed until this year. So this year isn't as bad as people wouldn't have liked to think.


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Ahhh...the total numbers argument without putting all the total numbers up...

Ryan: 43GP, 807 Completions, 1347 Attempts, 9313 Yards

Russell: 36 GP, 493 Completions, 797 Attempts, 6625 Yards

...oh, and the numbers you posted.

In 1 less year, correct?

Which, according to the things that tend to predict success for an NFL QB coming from college, puts him behind. Number of collegiate passes thrown is about as strong an indicator as anything else of future NFL success.

That's not correct, because the Univ of Houston QBs would be hall of famers.

What we have here is....subjective use of stats.

If I had claimed 100% accuracy, you might have a point, but as I didn't. . .you don't.

wow, just wow, I never knew that you could quote like that on here. With the whole bunch of quotes and stuff. It won't do it now. i wish we still had that.

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Matt Ryan hands down. It boils down to intangibles. You can see that Ryan has a work ethic and is a student of the game. Russell does not have any work ethic or desire. Just listening to/watching him he does not seem to really care or be motivated. I think getting the money was his goal. Guys that have great physical tools don’t always have the best technique or work ethics. They tend to relay on or get by on physical gifts alone. Not that this happens to every great athlete, but it happens to enough of them. I put Russell in that category. I don’t believe he really knows how to self motivate and work to compete at the highest level. If you don’t practice those good habits over your young years or have that internal drive it will catch up with you.

Let this be a lesson to all those on this board that complain about Ryan’s arm or want a guy just because he ran a fast 40. If you don’t have a good head on your shoulders it does not matter how gifted of an athlete you are.

I will take a middle of the road athlete that works hard versus a great one that does not. I coach youth football and the same thing applies. Give me a medium size or smaller kid that is an ok athlete that pays attention and likes being out on the field vs. a big kid that looks good walking to the field but is soft and will not hit, pay attention, or move with any urgency.

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Why is this a topic? Because it's interesting to many of us.

It was by far the most fascinating of the 30 to 40 threads I looked over today.

I wish there was a way to quickly pull up different posters reactions to drafting Spencer Adkins, Jamaal Anderson, Todd McClure, Reggie Kelley, Jimmy Williams, and Michael Jenkins.

It gives perspective to see how right and wrong both research and immediate observations are.

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