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I took alot of photos the weeks following up, to us leaving.  I dont own a nice camera and I'm not much of a photographer but I figured you would all enjoy seeing what Okinawa looks like.

I took this at Nago, a city up north, We actually hiked up those mountain in the backround it was pretty cool.



This is a shot i took while driving across the bridge to Sesco, we found a sand beach on the other side and swam until we'll after the sun went down.


Coming outta the mountains (or hills)

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Duff_Man (6/25/2008)
It was Firefox being a little #####. Here's some from this weekend:

Brew day!


Is that a rare pic of you wearing pants, Shiney? I envy your set up. I've got a smaller starter kit, that I haven't touched yet. I guess I'm a littler nervous starting on my own, because I messed it up so bad in college when I did it in a nasty house with fluctuating temps.


I've got a darkroom in my basement, that's collecting dust. I used to do a lot of B&W photography, and printed my own work, but that takes hours and hours. Normally about 1.5 hours to get one print just how I want it.

I want to get a digital SLR, but don't have the cash for it right now. I can't wait.

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