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With some recent rain, we've had some branches come down near the eagle nest viewing area.  There is a telephone pole that the approach camera for the nest is mounted to.  The college has also mounted a bluebird nesting box to the side of the pole.  The director of sustainability gathered up several larger branches and set them up near the nesting box and it's been a hit for the bluebirds to perch on.

Female Eastern Bluebird with nesting material in the morning light.

25989569781_57631fd0ba_c.jpgEBB 3 by Jason, on Flickr

Male Eastern Bluebird soaking up some morning sun.

25451127824_14ee673289_c.jpgEBB 4 by Jason, on Flickr

Male Eastern Bluebird in the afternoon light.  My favorite of the 3 shots.

26055902015_30e4ae7898_c.jpgEBB 1 by Jason, on Flickr

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Forgotten Classic

Shot this back in December while out in Joshua Tree. Stayed in an incredibly cool bungalow with tons of old cars, and big classic roadside neon signs all over the grounds. Plus, the owner built a bottle house on the property... a house where the walls are made from old beer & soda bottles, so when the light hits it from the sun outside, the whole interior of the bullding has a cool rainbow goow going on.

Welcome to the Bottlehouse


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More arty stuff...

I created different patterns, printed them on paper & placed them under a shallow glass dish filled with water. I put some olive oil & dish soap into the water, stirred it around, and shot from directly above while hitting the pattern underneath with a bunch of light.

Sunny Side Up


RagePeach Fuzz


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More Dominica

Crystal Clear at Hodges Beach

Crystal clear waters at Hodges Beach... this beach was a short hike down a path from our cottage on a hill overlooking the ocean. We had the entire 2 miles or so of this beach to ourselves.

Right Place, Right Time

This was shot in the backyard of our cottage. Much like in Kauai, Hawaii it would rain just a little bit everyday, which would be followed by brilliantly cloudy skies w/ blues busting through & full, bright rainbows.

The Great Illuminator

This was one of the last shots I took of the most magnificent sunrise I have ever witnessed. I watched the clouds on the horizon break apart in ways I'd never seen before... in big square chunks rather than whipping apart like normal. The sky went from purple to orange to gold to a brilliantly even cast over everything. Then, it began to rain, but by the time I got to my camera bag to cover my gear, it had already stopped. When I looked up, there was a beautiful Care Bears looking rainbow going from one cloud to the next over our cottage. As I walked around the yard, all the flowers & plants were now kissed with tiny droplets of water from the brief rain & looked like something from a card you'd get for your grandma's birthday. It was really something else.


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