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These shots are of the ancient obelisks in the Hippodrome near the Blue Mosque. The Egyptian obelisk was first set up by Tutmoses III around 1450 BC at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt. The Roman emperor Constantius II had it moved to Alexandria in 357 AD. Then, in 390 AD, Theodosius I had it transported to Constantinople (now called Istanbul), where it still stands.

The other obelisk was built in the 10th century & was originally covered in gilded bronze plaques. The plaques were taken by Latin troops during the 4th Crusade


DSC_6278 by KC Fotoğrafçılık, on Flickr


DSC_6280 by KC Fotoğrafçılık, on Flickr

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is that birds flyiong around the top of it? or just the average UFO's??? tongue.png

The hotel where we stayed in Istanbul was just a few hundred meters from the Blue Mosque & Aya Sofia. There is a rooftop terrace at the hotel, where we would eat breakfast while looking across the Bosphorus Strait toward the Asian side of Turkey. At night, we had the terrace pretty much to ourselves, while we had drinks & enjoyed the view of old Istanbul. The Blue Mosque always had a bunch of birds circling above at night... I'm guessing because the lights attract bugs that they are eating.
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A few from Berry College now that the eagles have left for the summer.

Door handle at the Ford Buildings.

14298652717_310ef70fe1_o.jpgDoor Handles by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

Freshly rolled hay bales in a field.

14298650427_d72baa2a0e_o.jpgHay Bales HDR by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

Piano keys at Frost Chapel.

14298464339_83a08c811a_o.jpgPiano Keys by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

Closeup of the Old Mill water wheel.

14298449610_31d9766777_o.jpgWaterwheel by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

Lastly, a doe being ever so watchful as I try to get a shot.

14298654287_8cb8c1ef4b_o.jpgDeer 1 by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

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On our last day of the extra long 4th of July weekend, we took the kiddo up to Chattanooga to Rock City and the Tennessee Aquarium. Here are a few of my favorites from the trip.

Tiger Lily at Rock City.

14599961162_f8bc5f6c38_o.jpgTiger Lily by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

Lovers Leap shot in an 11 exposure HDR

14600586695_8f5ea74dc0_o.jpgRock City Lovers Leap HDR2 by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

And Lovers Leap with a 9-stop ND filter with a 2 second exposure. This one may be my favorite from the trip.

14413985128_8c2dcb4ce4_o.jpgRock City Lovers Leap 1 by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

Sea Nettle Jellyfish from the Aquarium.

14598631404_8a5a28d425_o.jpgSea Nettle Jellyfish 2 by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

Macro shot of a Hawaiian Hibiscus at the Aquarium.

14413986268_f9bf92aff4_o.jpgHibiscus by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

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Well this thread has died. sad.png But I'll keep adding to it.

This morning, I met my mother-in-law to drop off my son for the day. As soon as we went our separate ways, I passed a road sign with a large Red Tail Hawk perched on it. So of course I slammed on the breaks, pulled over, changed lenses and was able to get several shots and within about 30 feet of the guy before he flew off. A mockingbird was dive bombing him pretty intensely as well. Pics to come later tonight.

Here's my best shot. The lighting was horrible this morning, but at least I got it...

14608653926_3606511e4b_o.jpgRed Tailed Hawk by Jason Blalock, on Flickr

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