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Bar across the street from my apartment called "The Firehouse"


At the Red Star Brewpub in Greensburg, PA. This was a 2004 Barleywine called "Santa's Little Helper."


A close-up of a Belgian brew at Sharp's Edge in Pittsburgh, PA.


This trucker rally woke me up at 8am. Right down my street with horns blaring. They were protesting high gas prices. I wanted to kill every last one of them for waking me up on my day off.


Walnut Street Bridge in Harrisburg, PA. Washed out during the 1996 floods.


St Patrick's Cathedral, Harrisburg. This and the capitol are right on my block.

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Duff_Man (6/12/2008)
Shiney_McShine (6/12/2008)
Duff_Man (6/11/2008)
OK, I would love to know the secret to getting bigger pics. The compression is killing mine.
It could be your host. I use Photobucket.

I uploaded right from my computer. Perhaps that's the problemo.

So did I.......Not sure what to say.........Other than:Relax, don't worry, have a home brew!
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