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Those are fantastic, Mozzie! I'm in the same boat as Mookie on the portrait thing, but I'm slowly developing more of an interest... if nothing else, just to have a better understanding/skill at my disposal. I've done some band promo shots & some candid portraits, but nothing too serious yet. I really think I'm gonna make the jump to a full frame camera in the next year, and that'll probably be the point I start trying to experiment much more often with portraiture & experimental/artistic photography. I do think my next purchase though will be a SB-700 speedlight, so I can at least start getting my feet wet with these things on the crop sensor camera I have currently.

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Guest Regular Guy

I am just getting into picture taking with a better than point and shoot camera. I have never owned anything remotely considered a quality camera, I have numerous cameras around the house but for Christmas I bought a Nikon D3100 very very cheap and a 50mm lens for my first alternate. It is I think what you call a Prime lens? Anyhoo, I don't know the lingo as of yet but am working on it. I can already tell that this camera takes amazing pictures and so far I have liked what the 50mm is doing for me on my food pictures. The 50mm just came in today so I've only taken a handful of shots but I have to say I dig it. Here's a picture my wife took today of brisket burnt ends (they're great BTW) that I made. I can't wait to get further acclimated with what I can do with this camera!!


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A 50mm is a great little lens to have handy. I'm a Canon guy and have their 50mm f/1.4. You would be correct in that it is a prime lens. A prime lens, also known as a fixed focal length (or FFL), is any lens that is a fixed focal length, i.e. 28mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, etc as opposed to a lens that have multiple focal lengths such as a 24-70mm or 24-105mm, etc.

If there's a photography club in your area, I'd definitely recommend joining up if it fits in your budget and schedule. I'm a member of the one up here in Rome, Ga and it's very low budget at $25 a year. It may be different elsewhere though. It's a great way to meet others with a similar interest, gain knowledge, join others on outings, etc.

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Portraits have never been my "cup of tea," but here are a couple from Christmas afternoon. We had just changed the kiddo into his pajamas and I noticed nice catchlight in his eyes and snapped a few shots. I personally like them, but again, portraits aren't something that I take a lot off. Maybe mozzie can chime in the next time he visits this thread.

Canon 7D with 28mm f/1.8 lens, ISO 2000, 1/400sec.



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I heard a rumor that Pigtrino didn't really have a motorcycle accident, but instead the woman he was committing adultery with had a fiance who beat the poop out of him when he found out about it. I don't know if that is true, and don't care to have it confirmed or denied, because it makes me smile to think it may be true.

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