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The Falcons' blind faith in 'King Arthurism' may again put the organization at stake...

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ukfalc (5/10/2008)
"King Arthur" made it clear when interviewed on MNF last year that he was perfectrly willing for the organistation to draft aQB and sit them our for the year.

I wouldn't be so sure about that. Once he sees that games are blacked-out, he might have to put in Matt Ryan just to attract more fans.

visagothic (5/10/2008)
Don't get the greedy King Arthur angle and how starting Matt Ryan for ticket sales is the ultimate agenda. The only thing that secures ticket sales is winning, especially in this bandwagon town.

If having Matt Ryan sitting seems like the best option then your philosophy should apply to all our rookies who will be overwhelmed also. I'm assuming you are fuming that we didn't draft Dorsey but, would we have sat him down or put him on a billboard to help sell enthusiasm into the upcoming season.

Your whole point isn't much of a point at all to me.

Winning secures tickets and attracts fans but so do players. If Matt Ryan were to play, I'm sure more people would attend the games just to see how Ryan does. There are also Matt Ryan fans, who come to the game just to see their player play.

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