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So I am living here in Hawaii, and me and my roommate are pretty close friends. He is that type of person that always means the absolute best, but always f's something up, bad. I understand that people get tired of each other, and sometimes you can only be with another person for so long before it drives you nuts.

The kicker was about 5 days ago when he borrowed my vehicle, and left it unlocked. Long story short, the car was definately not in the garage (which is right next to the road) the next morning. It cost about $1200, but he definately can not pay for it.

I haven't talked to him since, he knows he royally f'd up. You can tell that he feels worthless, and even know I hate him, I don't want to see him this sad about his outlook on life. Should I not talk to him at all or is this something that needs to be dropped?

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You say he always means the best, right!  Then he should do whatever it takes to help you with the car!  Screw, he doesn't have the money, blah, blah, blah!  If he is a real friend and not a piece of crap, he'll understand that he was responsible for the car going missing, he should be held accountable.  If it takes him working another job so be it! 

And to you stop helping this guy f' up!  You sort knew ahead of time he has the potential to mess something up so don't give him the opportunity with your stuff.  There may have been a reason he doesn't have a car!:ermm:

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He needs to be accountable for his mistakes.  Believe me, people learn really fast not to screw something up when they are the ones who have to do the clean-up.  So even if it's $50 a month, he needs to pay you back for the car.  Talk with him and figure out a price that works for both of you and what he is able to pay each month.  He may have to eat out less or go out less, but that's part of being an adult.

And you have to stop giving him the opportunity to mess up your stuff.  Don't let him borrow anything.  It's your own fault at that point.

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