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Norwood32's Off-Season Review


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Atlanta Falcons Off-season Review

Off-season Needs

After cuts it was certain that the Falcons had some big holes to fill. But it was OK, TD, the great scout from the Patriots; arguably the best team in the league, had been named GM. We all had high hopes that he would bring the New England way over to Atlanta and make smart "Patriot" decisions. I decided to write this to sum up our off-season to get a better perspective and how well, or bad, we did.

Our needs going into FA were:


QB - A franchise QB for sure. Redman was a good fill, but we can't stick with him forever.

LT - A starting caliber LT, since Gandy got cut. We had no LT's on our roster.

RB - With Warrick Dunn being cut, we needed to bring in a starting RB. Norwood can- t handle the load and we needed to have a 2-back system where he could flourish.

DT - Coleman got cut. Grady got cut. We had no starting caliber DT' s left. Trey Lewis is young and unproven. We needed DL help BAD.

CB - With D-Hall traded, we needed CB help. Sure we run a Cover 2 and CB might not be that important, but Houston, Irons and J.Williams aren; t gonna cut it. We had to find a physical CB.

FS - Chris Crocker was average,at best, and he left. We definitely needed help at FS. J-Will hasn't done sh*t and we had no one else at FS.

K - The Prater experiment failed miserably. We can't keep calling back Mort forever. We needed a franchise kicker. Man Prater sucked.


RT - A back-up RT that we could build for the future. Weiner could still be good at RT for a few more seasons, but we needed to bring in someone for the future to take over when he is gone.

RG - We could have been OK at RG next season, with Clabo and perhaps Forney still staying. But Forney wasn't all that good and we needed to bring in a young OG to compete for the starting job. wtf ever happened to Forney??

MLB - Keith Brooking will be here for another year, but we definitely needed to bring in someone else to split time with Brooking and probably take over full time next season, when they are ready.

OLB - With D-Mo not re-signing we now had a need at OLB too. Our coaches felt Nicholas could get it done and he could start, but still we needed to bring in someone with more experience.

SS - Milloy is getting old and has only one more year on his contract. Stone is a great young player but I don't know if he can come in next year and start.

C - McClure is also gonna get older so we needed a guy who could come in and be versatile and fit in better with our scheme.


WR - Mike Jenkins aka Pick 6 , has been a major disappointment. While we do have 2 great young WR's in White and Robinson, we needed to get a slot or 4th guy. Joe Horn is more of a coach then a player and he is injury prone at this point in his career. Man Jenkins redeemd himself this season.

DE - Jamaal will definitely improve but besides Abraham, Anderson and Davis we had no other DE's. We could use some depth there. I was wrong about Jamaal...

TE - Alge got cut, and rightfully so. Our offense doesn't utilize the TE much so TE isn't that big of a need, but we should still get someone.

Free Agency


Rod Coleman - DT

Alge Crumpler - TE

Warrick Dunn - RB

Wayne Gandy - LT

Byron Leftwich - QB

Lewis Sanders - CB

Marcus Wilkins - OLB

Jamin Elliot - WR

I agree with all of those cuts. Those players were either sh*t, old, or injury prone. You gotta do what you gotta do.


Michael Boley - OLB

Tyson Clabo - OG

Chauncey Davis - DE

Chris Redman - QB

Tim Anderson - DT

Joey Harrington - QB

Montavious Stanley - DT

Michael Koenon - P

Corey McIntyre - FB

These guys were all solid players and glad to have them all back. I'd still like to see that long-term deal with Boley get done faster though. lol guess the Boley situations isn't gonna work out after all. Good move by TD.


Von Hutchins - CB/S

Erik Coleman - FS

Ben Hartsock - TE

Michael Turner - RB

Rashad Moore - DT

Simon Fraser - DT

Kindal Moorehead - DT

Alex Stepanovich - C

Jason Rader - TE

Jason Elam - K

Great, solid signs. Like all of them. Got some quality starter as well as some quality depth. Who knew Coleman would be such an important signing.

Off-Season Grade: A


Major needs heading into the draft


Re-Building needs heading into the draft


Depth needs heading into the draft



1(3) Matt Ryan - QB

While I wanted Dorsey, TD liked Matt Ryan. I can understand this pick. He is a franchise QB and shows that we have moved on from Vick. I realy didn't like Matt Ryan and i wanted Dorsey. Yes, point and laugh, I'm sure you did too :P. I'm so happy we got Matt now though.

Pick Grade: B

1(21) Sam Baker - LT

I think this was a verygood trade by TD. All the OT's were getting drafted and TD wanted his guy. We didn't give up much and we got a 3rd and 5th in return. He would have not been there at 37 because even Houston traded up for Duane Brown at 28. Now that was a reach. Baker would have definitely been gone. That is true people need to understand we didn't "reach"

Pick Grade: B+

2(37) Curtis Lofton - MLB

Love this pick. We get our MLB of the future, and a great one too. Him, Boley and Brooking/Nicholas will gives us some solid LB's.

Pick Grade: A

3(68) Chevis Jackson - CB

Good pick. He is perfect for the Cover 2 as he is a tough, physical CB. We got some good young CB's now.

Pick Grade: A

3(84) - Harry Douglas - WR/KR

At first I didn't like this pick but then I learned more about him and I'm starting to like it. I still think this was too high of a pick for a WR though. At least he gives us a threat at KR/PR. Boy, I was wrong. He is a legit weapon on our offense.

Pick Grade: B-

3(98) Thomas DeCoud - S

Good pick. Will solidify our depth at DB. Still would have liked to see a DL or OL here.

Pick Grade: B

5(138) Robert James - OLB

Don't understand this pick at all. Still wanted to see DL or OL here. Maybe TD see's something in him, but the most I see is a solid ST player. Too bad he got injured.

Pick Grade: D+

5(154) Kroy Biermann - DE

Good depth on the DL. Never heard of this guy but again TD must like something about him. Great pick.

Pick Grade: C+

6(172) Thomas Brown - RB

I like the player, but we didn't really need another RB with Snelling here. We need OL help.

Pick Grade: C+

7(212) Wilrey Fontenot - CB

I don't see anything but a ST player in this guy. With some of the guys that fell, this was a pretty bad pick, especially another CB. Glenn Sharpe>>> Fontenot

Pick Grade: D

7(232) Keith Zinger - TE

Didn't really need a TE, but again I see a good ST player here.

Pick Grade: C-


Looking back at my top needs, we managed to fulfill all of them. We got a franchise QB, a LT and a Cover 2 CB. We beefed up our LB's corps and I think we got some good ones out there. We still did not draft a DL which we definitely needed, at least 1. We needed a NT cuz we don't know how Trey Lewis is doing rehabbing. Although we did sign and re-sign a lot of DL, TD might have saw something about our DL. Stanley & Anderson could turn out to be great DT's. After all he is a scout. Again it's hard to judge a draft now, because we don't even know what these players are capable of doing in the NFL. I will try to be as optimistic as possible and support all of our new players. One more thing to throw in as a positive, remember every year, since the 4 divisions were made in 2002, the team that has been last in the NFC South has come back to win the division the next year.

Well the division thing might not be true. But they all made the playoffs ;)


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Kroy Biermann

Height: 6-27/8 | Weight: 246 | 40-Time: 4.82



Very strong...Good quickness...Smart with good instincts and awareness...Tough and aggressive...Active with a great motor...Does a terrific job in pursuit and has a burst to close...Hard worker..Offers some versatility...Was extremely productive.


Is undersized and doesn't have either the height or bulk that you look for...Timed speed is merely average...Is not very fluid or agile...'Tweener who may not have a true pro position...Did not play against top competition..His upside may be limited.


Won the Buck Buchanan Award which is given to the nation's outstanding Division I-AA defensive player...Prolific small school prospect who dominated his level...Can project as a strongside linebacker or a situational pass rushing defensive end in a 43 defense or an outside linebacker in a 34 scheme..Intriguing late round sleeper

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The more I sit back and analyze our draft the happier I'm getting.

Guys, the bottom line is that we will not turn this franchise around with ONE draft.  It's going to take a couple of years and with that in mind I feel like we are headed in the right direction.  We got a starter at QB, LT, MLB, CB, WR (Slot), FS/SS (Maybe).  Next year I'm sure we will address the interior of our O and D lines.

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I for one can say that I like most of the picks that were made. As for Kroy Biermann, I drafted him in Scott's IMD for the Falcons. :D He had produced a lot his senior year, let's hope he can do 1/2 of what he did in college for us.

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Thought I throw in a little history from last year's draft. I think this is archived. But it is a nice read after all is said and done :)

haha holy ****, I forgot all about this. Thanks for bumping this back up. I'm gonna laugh at some of my predictions and grades.

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