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Glenn Dorsey vs Jake Long

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Supposedly if this scene happens.... Miami takes Vernon Gholston, the Rams take Chris Long.

That leaves Jake Long and Glenn Dorsey on the table.

What would you do? and Why?

1. Take Jake Long

2. Take Glenn Dorsey

3. Trade down a couple spots because you got offered the best possible deal

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Jake Long for sure.  I'd be happy with Dorsey at #3, but if Jake Long is there I think he is the safest bet and fills our biggest need. 

I don't think Dorsey will have any problems with pre-existing injuries, but that has been an issue raised ever since the combine and with Jake Long you don't even have to worry about that. 

At the very worst, he doesn't pan out at left tackle and he has to be moved to right tackle.  In that case he's still going to be a dominant blocker for Michael Turner. 

I hope Jake Long is there but I'm positive that STL would take him in a heartbeat and laugh at Miami and Atlanta all the way up to the podium

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If Jake Long and Glenn Dorsey are available I do not want to trade down at all, unless the offer is was too sweet to pass up.

I am partial to Long, but I would be almost as excited with Dorsey considering the OT depth in this year's draft.

1. Jake Long

2. Glenn Dorsey

3. Attempt to get value in a trade down scenario, would need to be very sweet to pass on either of these two guys.

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