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McFadden at 3?


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 I was listening to Buck and Kincade yesterday, and Kincade said that if he were in this situation, he would take McFadden and "hold the draft hostage." He is basically proposing we do what the Chargers did with Eli Manning, when they couldn't get a good offer for the #1 pick, they took the player they knew the other teams wanted, and forced them to trade for him. He said it didn't have to be McFadden, but whomever the highest player available on most team's board would be. 

It would be a risk to draft a player like McFadded that we don't need, but I do think we would get offers from the Raiders and/or Jets. They probably wouldn't believe we would actually take him, therefore not making adequate offers for the pick itself.

What do you guys think?

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