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Who is more retarded than me?

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Consider ****** privileges revoked, unless you are a really good BSer and tell her a jealous friend stole your phone and sent that text and not you.

check 6 posts above you and you might find him

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Is this the kind of ****** that drools and rubs sh#t in his hair and all that? 'Cause I'm gonna have a hard time eatin' around that kind of thing now....just like I am with antique furniture and midgets. I can't so much as drink a glass of water around a midget or a piece of antique furniture.
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LOL why the ##### would you do that? That might be more ******** than me. Atleast mine didn't end up in a criminal offense.

That reminds me of a time when I was 16 years old, and I was s###hammered. We had been drinking and smoking all night long and I'm scrolling through my phone to find my friend Brad who for whatever reason everyone just called Homie, and he was listed in my phone as such. Unfortunately, so was 'Home.'

So, when my dad picks up the phone at 1 o'clock in the morning and hears me saying "Dude where the ##### are you you c###sucker you went to get beer like an hour ago, by the time you get back the weed is going to be gone" suffice to say he was none to pleased. When I got home the next day he actually pulled me out of the truck and hit me so hard up against the side of my head that my knees gave out and I crumbled to the ground.

Good times.

headshot dad must be a judge

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