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Van Gorder getting his shot this time


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BVG is finally getting the D Coordinator job he has wanted for a long time.

Out oline was badly coached last year and so was our dline play. I think Jamaal will break out and our defense wil be much improved.

I think BVG will surprise all of us with a solid defense. Any thoughts?

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all I know is that last year the linebackers were the only solid group on the defense. we had people out of position and an underperformer in DMo but they held on and fought.  we are in need of some new talent on the linebacker corp.  w need a MLB who bring the wood.  this would allow brooking to move and solidify our backers.

I think BVG will do a good job.  He did a GREAT job at georgia.  His defense kept georgia in games and in the hunt for an SEC title when we all knew the team overall was not great.  He held it together while richt was still recruiting and training players on his offensive system.

I think that BVG will be the glue here until the offensive line can come together.  that will take us 2 years to build. 

BVG brings the same energy as the head coach and that will transfer to the players and I think we will see a very different D this year.  One that will fly around and be aggressive.  that is something that this team has missed for years. 

My dream is to have us built in the mold of the Jags and Ravens.  Teams that win on the strength of the defense.

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Don't forget that BVG also spent some time in Jax with the Jags.

I think he has been searching for his niche, being a jr assistant wasn't the niche. Georgia Southern hired him as Head Coach, that wasn't his place either. I think we know who the big dog is at South Carolina.

 Being a D coordinator, I believe, is what BVG has always needed to be. I do know from his stint at Georgia Southern, he has a VERY dogged personality. The man accepts no excuses.

This might just be our guy. With BVG and Smitty, we will be building a Monster D.

BVG is a Monster.

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BVG has also got a couple of Jags coaches who have his back.

Not only is BVG the D coordinator, Smitty also brought Jax's DLine and Secondary coaches as well.

A Defensive trifecta perhaps!

This is just another example of Smitty and TD working together on a solid plan for the Falcons.

HC Smitty

BVG D Coordiantor

Dline Coach Ray Hamilton

Secondary coach Alvin Reynolds.

I can honestly say that this is the best TEAM of defensive oriented coaches we have had, possibly ever.

The results of the efforts of Smitty and the rest of the Jags Staff is obvious.

Not to discrespect Jack Del Rio but Del Rio got a lot of the credit for Smitty's hard work.

fwiw, Del Rio was a heck of a player in his day.

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Guest JBopper
HailRazor (4/16/2008)
  I don't know enough about BVG to talk x's and o's, but there is something about him and Mularkey that I love:

  For the first time in a long time our entire coaching staff will be on the same page. 

That`s for sure

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I couldn't agree with you more, Michaelgee: the pattern that has been developing on the defensive coaching side is very promising.  It looks like we have the potential for some solid coaching from guys who are all on the same page, which hopefully is building a monster defense. 

Regarding Jamaal Anderson: if he has worked hard in the off-season on conditioning and strength, he should significantly improve his ability to get to the QB, with guidance from BVG and a solid team of coaches helping him with his technique. 

Now, if we can only put together a solid OL that can give Redman a chance to fully utilize a power running game along with a solid passing game......we might actually be competitive and fun to watch this season!

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