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Am I a kill joy ?

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You have more than 66 people on the team already.

The norm is that fewer than 4 out of a usual 7 draft

choices make the team. Had a better than average

group of draft choices making the team last year.

I think that is GOOD. Some posting sound like

the bad of last season was more

than Patrino.

The most famous, in all of recent NFL history,

draft busts was Ryan Leaf drafted by SAN Diego.

In history the FALCONs have had some draft busts,

but '07 was not one of them. The Chargers recovered

from the Leaf thing, so the Falcons can recover just

as quickly from the Patrino thing. The blessed

irony is that Patrino brought in your starting

QB until somebody's favorite rookie

takes his job. That is REDMAN, isn't it?

Check the roster for a couple of

more former Louisville players who just

might keep late round draft picks

from making the team.

Good things ironically came

from that BAD boy Bobby Patrino.

Hope the Falcons win a better percentage of

their games than the RAZORBACKs

(conceivably 10 or more)


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