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Ceiling Fan Appliques

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Over Spring Break my wife and I gave my son the "Falcons Room" he has been requesting.  We repainted his bedroom using the Home Depot NFL Paints...Black horizontal stripe around top of room...Falcon Red around bottom of room...white in the middle.

The room looks really great and we are starting to fix it up with different accessories. He already had quite a few things but we are wanting to add some more. I have been able to find light plates covers, outlet covers, trash cans, etc. but one thing I am having trouble with is finding Falcon ceiling fan appliliques such as the ones found at the link below...

Several different sites carry these appliques for the Steelers, Cowboys, and Raiders - but no other teams.

I did not see in Falcon ceiling fan items on the Falcons356 online site, but I know you all carry many things in your store that are not listed on the website.

I have found Falcons ceiling fans for around $109.00 and I have found the blades only for around $70.00 + 13.00 S/H, but I really can't spend that much on just ceiling fan decorations. I may just end up painting the blades red and black or attaching Falcons stickers to the fans.

I was just curious if Falcons365 carried any types of ceiling fan covers...or if any forum members have run across any of these items on the Internet.

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