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If I was GM for the Atlanta Falcons,


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SonofAlois (4/12/2008)
Did you hear we got RB Michael Turner?


RB-Turner makes 30 million,


Norwood makes $0 RB/KR/PR


RB McFadden would make 30 million,


60 million in RBs

LT makes 60+ million and he sits out in the playoffs!

Passing on McFadden just because we Signed Turner is a Mistake!

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halsey (4/12/2008)They look a little old to be playing in the NFL.

Those two Old Guys would get us to the Playoffs with No OL picks at all!

Edit- I would still pick Brohm,

If Brohm makes it to our first pick in the 2nd,

like they are saying!


Dont hold a grudge Arthur, he is not Petrino!

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