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Mel Kiper on ESPN Radio this morning


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For all those who hate Kiper, this should make your day.  On ESPN radio this morning, Kiper was giving out his mock draft.  He said that Jake Long was practically a done deal with Miami though if it didn't work out, he projected Gholston over Long for Parcells considering Gholston would fit the McGinnest and Ware mold.

Kiper suggested that the Rams are going to be the big mover in the draft as their pick will shake out the rest of the top 10.  He said that he's hearing it's between Chris Long and Glenn Dorsey.

If the Rams take Dorsey, Kiper projected the Falcons to take Matt Ryan if they couldn't move down, but if Chris Long went to the Rams, the Falcons would take Dorsey beyond a doubt leaving Ryan to fall.

And then Kiper made the promise.  He said that if the Falcons don't get Ryan, either the Chiefs or the Jets will take a real hard look at him.  If he gets to the Patriots, the Panthers may want to move up and Belichick is always ready to move back.  But he said if Ryan is on the board at #8, there is no way the Ravens will pass on him and if they do, he'll quit his job for good.

Matt Ryan free fall equals the demise of Kiper?

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David Ethan (4/12/2008)
ummm...I really like Mel Kiper.....who cares if he's wrong just as often as he's right, he's fun to listen to

I don't even think he's fun to listen to. All he does is cue off of Mike Mayock and bash anyone who disagrees with him. McShay has his own share of funny moments, but he is always open and polite about discussing the prospects. Kiper just comes out and says every team should take his #1 guy or they're idiots.

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I would not be surprised it the ravens took a corner back with the #8 pick, Sedric Ellis may be there as well.  I think that the ravens are looking to bring that defense some help that can make them stronger over a few more years.  They are getting old on defense.


mccallister 32

ed reed 30

ray lewis 33

its time to start to get some young talent in there.

The QB position can be filled in the second round by the ravens.  Henne or Ainge or Woodson will still be there. 

THe ravens may even go OT with Ogden getting old and telling the ravens to proceed as if he is retired.

Keith Rivers will also be there.  I know they are pretty good at LB but this guy will make those other LB play a couple more years.

Ryan could fall to the panthers at 13, the bears at 14,  or all the way to 20 with the bucs

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