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Yeah, Brohm anywhere.  Realistically I think we will have to move up into the 1st to secure him.

If Brohm slips by, I wouldn't touch Henne or Flacco until the 48th pick.  And I'm not totally sure I'd want Henne there.  Just never have been a big fan of his.

In the 3rd, I like JJ and Andre Woodson.  I'm really starting to like everything I read about JJ.  I never got to see him play though, so it's hard for me to make a judgment.  I love the fact that he's been very well-coached and has wonderful mechanics, not to mention the 44 TDs to 1 INT.

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bam_19 (4/12/2008)
You said pick one but i'm going to pick 2

Brohm where ever we can get him

JJ in the third like you said

same here. i would be fine sacrificing our 4th rounder to move up a few slots for brohm if he is available, just to make sure miami doesnt get him if he makes it that far. i would probably prefer waiting for JJ in the 3rd round or around there than using 2 2nd rounders to move up for him in the middle of the 1st though. but if it actually happened i would support it, i want brohm to be a falcon more than anyone in this draft.

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Bernard Morris in the 7th!!!

You think I'm kidding, but I'm not :cool:

But what will the Falcons do? Brohm/Henne/Flacco in the 2nd. Henne might actually be the best fit for our Michigan-like offense, plus he has a ton of experience and can play immediately. I have a natural dislike for him tho being a PSU fan, and I do like Brohm but is his arm strong enough? I know Flacco's is, but I think he has a huge bust factor, plus a quitter's attitude.

Josh Johnson? I don't know about his arm strength, but his numbers are amazing while ignoring his level of competition. Thing is we don't need a Michael Vick-like athletic QB for our new offense. We need a smart guy with a strong arm. Which is why we probably take Henne in the 2nd.

But we should take Morris in the 7th if we arent sold on any of this years QBs. He is fast (4.6), and he can BOMB the ball. I love him. Then we could look for Stafford next year.

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