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Matt Ryan


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I think he will end up a bird, but of a different feather. Whether it's at #8, or at #3 ( If we trade.... I think the Ravens have the fear he won't get past the Jets or Chiefs). We may see an "on the clock" trade here at the last minute folks.  I wouldn't get your hopes up too high for any top 5 rated player. If the Falcons truly don't want Ryan and the Ravens do, Ozzie Newsome may trade up if they feel he is thier guy post Steve McNair and Kyle Boller.

This of course is all contingent on who goes #1 and who goes #2, and who the Falcons are willing to take at #3. We could trade with the Ravens and end up with another pick or player before we make our first draft pick, and save 5 slots of cap space as well. That's not bad either. We still get a top ten player who can start immediately and have 3 second rounders, one possibly to trade back later into the first to get Brohm.

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