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Sedrick Ellis


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I know the majority of you prefer Glenn Dorsey, but I think Sedrick fits the description of what Mike Smith and Tom Dimitroff seem to want.

I'm curious if you guys hate the thought of taking him at 3 or if you just prefer Dorsey or what.

I haven't seen much talk of Ellis going to the Falcons, but it does make some sense. He could really clog the inside running lanes, something that has been a problem. Also, Dorsey's injury history has me a bit nervous. He got dinged playing 12 games in the SEC. How is 16 games in the NFL (+ the preseason) going to affect his body?

Both guys are terrific players. I really don't think you can go wrong with either kid.

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I'm one of the few that want Ellis at #3, he does everything a DT should do. He is a very good run stuffer, an exceptional pass rusher and he knows how to shed blocks. I won't be upset if we end up with Ellis or Dorsey. And IMO Dorsey's injury is nothing to be worried about, it was the result of a nasty chop block that could have possibly ended his season.

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Dec Mock 12-19-07........Jan Mock 1-16-08..........Feb Mock 2-13-08.............

1.DT Sedrick Ellis...........1.Ellis, Sedrick (DT)...... 1.Sedric Ellis DT 6-2, 295 USC

2.RB Jonathan Stewart...2.Collins, Anthony (OT)..2.Carl Nicks OT 6-5, 335 Neb

2.QB Joe Flacco..............2.Nicks, Carl (OT)...........2.Joe Flacco QB 6-5, 230 Del

3.ILB Ben Moffit..............3.Flacco, Joe (QB)..........3.*Kevin Smith RB 6-1, 212 CF

4.OT Heath Benedict.......4.Smith, Kevin (RB)........4.Darrell Robertson DE 6-5, 265 GT

4.OT Shannon Boatman..4.Goff, Jonathan (ILB)....4.Ben Moffitt LB 6-1, 240 CF

5.DT Dre Moore..............5.Terrell, Darnell (CB).....5.Drew Radovich OG 6-5, 325 USC

6.DE Adam Oliver...........6.Oliver, Adamm (DE).....6.Marcus Walker CB 5-11, 198, 4.45

6.K Art Carmody.............6.Brown, Thomas (RB).....6.Thomas Brown RB 5-10, 205, 4.48

7.S Jamal Lewis..............7.Serna, Alexis (K)..........7.Best Kicker left K 7-7, 395, 3.12

I was the first one on the Sed Ellis band wagon , Starting last year in DEc . A lot of people on NFL Net and NFL live are saing that Ellis may drop to the 10th pick , I say hogwash , that will never happen , if he is still around at 7 , NE is way to smart to let him go , he would be the steal of the Draft even at #7.  I think Ellis is in the top Three players in this draft , with Jake and Dorsey being the other two. JMO but even Kiper thinks this also , Mel said yesterday that Ellis could very well be the best player in this draft , and I happen to agree with him.

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Now now Draftnut, I wouldn't say you were the first one on the Ellis bandwagon, as I've been on his band wagon since he took over the starting spot at USC his sophmore year. However, I think you were one of the first if not the first person on this board to include him in your mock. And I agree with you, he could very well end up being the best player selected from this draft.

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