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Pat Kirwan Is a VERY Smart Man


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3: Atlanta Falcons| Matt Ryan | QB | Boston College

Atlanta finally came to their senses and took the right player to rebuild the Falcons franchise. Many of the quarterback coaches I talked to feel he has the intangibles of Brett Favre and Joe Montana. Nine fourth-quarter comebacks is proof of what this guy is all about. One of my friends (who's in the college coaching ranks) is one of the victims of those comebacks and said them to me he had the presence of Jim Kelly on the field with two minutes to play. Questions about his arm strength were answered at the proday in front of all the coaches and personnel people. He's mechanically more sound than any other quarterback bar none and this is a great pick for Arthur Blank. He can play big in big games which is paramount in this field of play. 

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IHateThe Cowboys! (4/11/2008)
formul8or (4/11/2008)
If Ryan looks like Favre(2nd round) and Montana(3rd round) then we should be able to get him in the second round.

That makes little sense....If Dorsey and J Long are gone, we have to get Ryan...PERIOD!


I wouldnt touch Dorsey.Jake Long is the ONLY player I would CONSIDER taking over Matt Ryan but I probally wouldnt take him then but I think Jake Long will be gone before Falcons pick at 3.

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Pat also said this!!

Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville

Brohm has been consistent. He has a stronger arm than advertised with good accuracy, shows excellent poise in the pocket and good football intelligence.

He put up impressive numbers in 2007, when he threw 14 more touchdowns and 1,000 more yards than he did in 2006. Even in a bad season for his team, he completed more passes than the year before.

But his recent rise has been as much about Boston College's Matt Ryan as anything Brohm has done himself. Ryan did not "wow" scouts in his pro-day workout at Chestnut Hill, sending some teams scrambling to determine the next best thing, which would be Brohm and his 4.6 40 time.

That, combined with the growing sense of urgency that attacks teams as we get closer to late April, has led some teams to realize they do not have a satisfactory answer at QB. That has helped push Brohm up most boards. As more and more teams realize they have a glaring need at QB, and with very few top prospects at the position, Brohm will become a topic of conversation in more and more draft rooms.

Ryan is clearly the top passer in the draft, but Brohm has gone from mid-second-rounder to a potential mid-to-late first-round selection in some mock drafts.


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Elester Newton (4/11/2008)

The only game I remember him in is the conference championship game where he looked absolutely horrible. He s not even a top 5 prospect why would you take him at 3? That would be the dumbest move in years if they did that. He's another Alex Smith without the undefeated season.


You have seen him in 1 game and you think he looks like alex smith?Funny....

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