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official matt ryan makes me want to gag fan club

Ryne O'Brien

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Mojo Risin (4/10/2008)
Mr. Offseason (4/10/2008)
his arm strength and deep ball accuracy sure do.

Those are pretty much the same thing holmes. lol

Not really... just because you can throw it far doesn't mean you can throw it far with accuracy.  In Matt Ryan's case, he can't do either. :laugh:

Matt Ryan makes me want to kick nuns and choke babies.

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red2play (4/10/2008)
Miami doesn't want him.  Neither do we!! 

Something tells me that there won't be other clubs in the top 10 that like him either.

He might go to Baltimore... but you just know when it gets out that a team really loves a prospect, they are totally blowing smoke this time of year.

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