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id prefer dorsey though i wouldnt complain with ellis. i like them both a lot. im not sure if ellis would play NT for us, but i could see him being effective at NT against the run but still getting pressure on the qb. the same goes for dorsey, but ellis has proved he can rush the passer and produce stats, whereas dorsey has usually absorbed blocks and allowed his teammates to make plays around him, which would be good at NT for us.

either one works for me really.

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Mr. Offseason (4/10/2008)
grendel (4/10/2008)
Scott24Falcons (4/10/2008)
I voted for Gholston. He's so good. He has big arms; therefore he could be our starting MLB next season. :w00t:

He's fast... must be a great football player

hes on HGH, he must be a future HOF.

He is articulate, so we'll probably see him on NFLNetwork someday..  

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